GG1 — New Version Of Google Glass Might Not Resemble Glasses

GG1 is the code name given to a new piece of Google hardware being tested at the United States Federal Communications Commission, and many experts are surmising that it is a new version of Google Glass technology.

Google originally released its Google Glass product to the world on April 15 for a serious price tag of $1,500. The Google Glass was a wearable device that resembled a set of high-tech glasses. It offered the wearer the ability to take pictures, record 720p HD video, and gather instant information from the internet on whatever they were looking at.

In theory, the concept of Google Glass sounds remarkable. The idea that there is something available right now — and not 50 years in the future — that can basically link a user so directly with the worldwide web is an amazing notion.

Unfortunately, the first version of Google Glass was by most accounts a misstep by Google at best, and a resounding failure at worst. Privacy concerns surfaced over Google Glass’s ability to record and stream live conversations without a participant’s knowledge and facial recognition software that would allow the wearer to pull up information off the internet about anyone they looked at.

Google pulled the product from the market last January, promising a redesign headed up by former Apple executive Tony Fadell, who commented that the Google Glass wouldn’t be re-released until it was “perfect.”

Now, it appears that Google is dipping its toe in the water once more with the Top Secret product codenamed GG1. It doesn’t take a genius to guess that Google’s “GG” stands for “Google Glass,” and that the “1” is the next evolution in the product.

However, what might be different about the Google Glass line of products this time is just that — it might be a “line” of products.

The guesses about Google’s new GG1 project come from Google’s own website, in adverts that stated that the Google Glass team had changed direction to offer “smart eyewear and other related products.” So what does that mean? Smart necklaces? Smart brooches? As of right now, it’s anybody’s guess.

GGI is currently logged in at the Federal Communications Commission. The FFC tests electronic products to make sure that they’re safe for humans to use, and according to Droid Life, Google’s official code name for the product is the A4R-GG1.

What do you think? Is the notion of wearable smart devices a good one if Google can work the bugs out?

[Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]