Bane Is Zayn Malik, The Penguin Is Niall Horan In Hilarious ‘Dark Knight Changes’ Parody Video

Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Harry Styles, and Liam Payne don’t have to take a “Which Gotham Villain Are You?” quiz on BuzzFeed to find out which Batman baddies they have the most in common with — KFaceTV has already matched the singers up with Gotham’s notorious rogues gallery, and Zayn Malik’s reputation as a Bradford Bad Boy earned him two villainous secret identities.

Cambio recently shared a hilarious KFaceTV parody video that casts various Batman villains as the current and former members of One Direction. “Dark Knight Changes” is set to the tune of 1D’s “Night Changes,” and its music video ends with Bane pulling a Zayn by leaving his fellow bad guys. If you match up the “Dark Knight Changes” singing sections with “Night Changes,” Zayn Malik would also be Two-Face. Louis Tomlinson would be the Riddler, Niall Horan would be the old-school version of Penguin, and Liam Payne would be the Joker. This means that Harry Styles has to be Catwoman. Unfortunately, Jaden Smith doesn’t make a special appearance as Batman in the video below.

“Dark Knight Changes” is a song about the ever-changing face (and costume) of Batman.

“Does it ever drive you crazy? Just how fast the Dark Knight changes,” Gotham’s biggest boy band croons in the parody video above. “Everything that you’ve gotten used to, disappearing with each redo.”

A few of the many actors who have played Batman over the years are listed in one verse.

“He’s chasing me tonight, riddles runnin through my head; I’m not sure if it’s Keaton, Bale, or Adam West.”

There’s also a reference to Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman movie starring Ben Affleck, as well as the notorious nipple suit from Batman & Robin.

“He’s Going out tonight, changes into something grey. Looks like Zack has a reboot coming into play. Can we just forget Clooney’s suit was ever made?”

Zayn Malik and his former band mates should definitely get a kick out of “Dark Knight Changes,” even if it is a sad reminder that Zayn is no longer a member of One Direction. Liam Payne also might take issue with his part of the song being belted out by a villain — according to Just Jared, Liam has proved that his allegiance lies with Batman by dressing up like the Dark Knight for Halloween.

Joker & Co. might be upset when Bane ditches them in the “Dark Knight Changes” video, but Harry Styles recently revealed that One Direction is actually better off without Zayn/Bane. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Catwoman said that the band’s recent Zayn-less concerts are some of the best shows that they’ve ever had. That was big Batman “KA-POW!” aimed straight at Zayn’s heart.

If Harry Styles and his bandmates ever decide that they need to replace Zayn Malik, at least they know where to go — they should definitely consider hiring one of the guys from the “Dark Knight Changes” video.

[Image credit: Kevin Winter]