‘Big Brother’: Daniele Donato Is Up For A ‘Showmance’ Season In The Future

Daniele Donato has played Big Brother twice. She came in second place to her father, Dick Donato, in Season 8. During Season 13, she placed eighth and met her future husband, Dominic Briones. Thursday night, she was in the audience with other show veterans to witness the first eviction of the Big Brother 17 season.

The Hollywood Reporter documented her “shouted” advice to the contestants.

“Lie a lot and don’t be friends with anybody.”

So far this season, it’s been Audrey Middleton who has “lied a lot,” and she’s suddenly found herself without friends. At the end of Thursday’s episode, Becky and Shelli became HOHs.

The Battle of the Block and Power of Veto competitions have already taken place and live feed viewers know the results.

Donato attended the Big Brother 17 eviction with Briones and other well-known Big Brother faces, including Jordan Lloyd, Jeff Schroeder, and Frankie Grande.

The former house guests joked to THR that Big Brother might be plotting a show where all the contestants are former “showmances.” Lloyd noted that she didn’t know the other veterans would be there for the taping, and Donato said the same. They joked show producers might have something in the works.

Daniele would be up for a showmanced-themed season, however.

“I would make Dominic, I would drag him in. If you bring back Eric Stein and Jessica [Hughbanks] then I’m in for sure.”

Dominic did not need to be convinced.

“Hell yeah. I’d do it because we’re cool with all the other showmances.”

Frankie Grande said that he missed his “showmance” Zach Rance, who was not in the audience Thursday.

During Big Brother 13, Lloyd and Schroeder, Rachel Reilly and Brandon Villegas, and Dick and Daniele Donato all returned as part of a “dynamic duos” twist. Dick Donato made an unexplained exit early in the season. As People reported last October, Dick learned through blood tests done by Big Brother that he was HIV-positive.

Daniele and Dominic married in January 2013 in what People called a “bohemian-style” wedding.

Big Brother 17 airs Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on ABC.

[Photo: Daniele Donato / Twitter]