Amazing Video: The ‘Michael Jackson’ Of Cotton Candy [Watch]

David Shtorm is a man who makes cotton candy like you’ve possibly never seen. It’s not so much the candy making that keeps your attention. It’s his creativity.

Amazing Video - The 'Michael Jackson' Of Cotton Candy
Credits: Facebook

David Shtorm could simply be the “Michael Jackson” of the cotton candy game. While keeping the attention of kids and adults, he also keeps an amazing groove and dance number. He’s called “Candy King.”

While you may think Shtorm could be from the United States, he actually hails from Sochi, Russia, according to his Facebook profile. At the moment, David has 4,258 friends and 1,267 followers. Obviously, he’s accepted so many friend requests that the rest have filtered over into that “following” reserve.

Amazing Video - The 'Michael Jackson' Of Cotton Candy II
Credits: Facebook

Though cotton candy is a great treat, who knew it could be such an attention-grabber? And he has a manager named Alexander. It appears that they create orders worldwide.

Amazing Video - The 'Michael Jackson' Of Cotton Candy III
Credits: Facebook

David Shtorm seems to be an internet sensation and celebrity. If you were to visit his Facebook profile, you would see several people down his timeline sending cotton candy requests. They just want it to be made by the guy. Speaking of celebrities, he’s met a few of them, including but not limited to Jason Derulo.

Amazing Video - The 'Michael Jackson' Of Cotton Candy IV
Credits: Facebook

So, how do you feel about David Shtorm? Is he the “Candy King“? Does he live up to his title?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

[Video Credits: YouTube / Photo Credits: Facebook]