Chris Harrison Says Kaitlyn & Nick’s Hookup Was Family Friendly TV: ‘We Walked A Nice, Fine Line’

Kaitlyn Bristowe continues to be one of the most controversial Bachelorette stars in the history of the show, thanks to producers using mics and rolling cameras during times that have, in past seasons, been private and camera-free.

Host Chris Harrison tells E! that producers decide what gets shown and what doesn’t. Apparently it was a group decision to put mics and cameras outside Kaitlyn’s bedroom door to record the sounds of her intimate night with Nick.

Harrison states that there were debates over how much of the bedroom scene viewers would be able to see and/or hear, knowing “there’s probably families and kids watching.” The end result left some viewers feeling a bit uncomfortable when they heard the sounds of Kaitlyn getting horizontal with Nick.

Chris seems to think the network did a nice job of cluing people in to what was happening in the bedroom without baring it all, stating that they adhered to the networks “line of decency” during the sex scene.

“The network’s involved with that line of decency. You have to tell the truth, but… I know there’s probably families and kids watching, so how do you get your point across without getting the point completely across? So I think we did, I think we walked a nice, fine line.”

The ABC television network is owned by Disney, so one would think that replaying some heavy breathing (even if it wasn’t Kaitlyn’s) may not have been totally appropriate for younger kids to hear. Then again, it’s the parents choice to allow their kids to watch a show that doesn’t always focus on love and a fairy tale ending, especially this season.

For viewers who think that the uncomfortable we-know-they-were-having-sex moment between Kaitlyn and Nick is the last time cameras will interrupt what should be private, off-camera time, think again.

According to a report in the July 6 issue of Life & Style, an insider states that cameras will interrupt at least one of Kaitlyn’s fantasy suite dates, something that has never happened before.

The insider tells L&S that producers no longer respected Kaitlyn’s privacy once they got to the overnight dates, mostly because she was so open and honest about her night with Nick. There is speculation that producers allow cameras to roll right into at least one of the three fantasy suite dates, and they felt it was “fair game” to invade her privacy during overnights.

So far, ABC hasn’t released any previews for the overnights that show heavy breathing or sexy scenes, but fans should expect the unexpected when the overnight dates episode airs on July 6.

[Image: ABC]