Kelsey Poe Of Chris Soules’ ‘Bachelor’ Now An American In Paris

Kelsey Poe was part of one of the most dramatic plot lines of Chris Soules’ Bachelor season. Poe, who describes herself on Instagram as “writer, counselor, survivor,” spoke openly about the sudden loss of her husband, Sanderson Poe, and how she had moved on since that tragic event. The other women never seemed to get along with Kelsey, and even appeared to celebrate when she was sent home.

Kelsey Poe has since moved to Paris to become a writer, as she’d said she planned to do after her elimination. She’s been blogging about her experiences and the bureaucratic hassle of obtaining a French visa.

Kelsey Poe from 'The Bachelor'
(Courtesy of Kelsey Poe / Instagram)

Earlier posts on Poe’s blog speak directly to her experience overcoming grief, including the insight she gained from joining a support group for widows.

“We were all connected by the singular thread of commonality: the love of our lives died, and we knew we couldn’t move forward without support.”

But The Bachelor is still a part of Kelsey Poe’s social media conversations.

She even had a brief back-and-forth with former contestant Ashley Iaconetti, who was the other woman on Kelsey’s 2-on-1 date with Chris Soules. The dramatic confrontation took place in the Badlands and both women were sent home.

Apparently Iaconetti still bears some unkind will toward Poe, as she suggested she might have a partner in Ian Thomson, the Bachelorette suitor who called Kaitlyn Bristowe “shallow” before leaving the show.

Kelsey Poe also retweeted a New York Times article about the fictional series UnReal which features a Bachelor type show and the strings the producers pull to get the plot they want.

UnReal was co-created by Sarah Gertrude Shapiro, a former real-life Bachelor producer, and Marti Noxon. Noxon described how the women on television dating shows get into the conflicts that make it to air.

“They are put in a house with no media, no music, no books, no magazines, nothing. Just each other and booze. So they literally develop a Stockholm syndrome, where the only way you get out is through the bachelor.”

In a reply to a Facebook comment that asked Kelsey if she’d seen UnReal, Poe said: “I have to find a way to get it over here! France doesn’t have Lifetime. I keep saying that I want to write for this show!”

For now, Poe will enjoy life as a temporary Parisian. Two weeks ago she posted a tribute to her late husband on what would have been their anniversary.

“#Locked away in our hearts forever at the flamme de la liberté- the Franco-American friendships, the memorial site for the late #PrincessDiana and my own personal tribute to the everlasting #love #marriage and #devotion to my husband of what would have been 6 years today. #happyaniversary #restinpeace #SandersonPoe.”

Kelsey Poe of 'The Bachelor'
(Courtesy Kelsey Poe / Instagram)

The current season of The Bachelorette, featuring Poe’s former Bachelor competitor Kaitlyn Bristowe, airs Monday nights on ABC.

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