Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson Reveals Details Of His Tongue Cancer

Dean Chambers

Bruce Dickinson, the lead sing of the legendary British heavy metal band Iron Maiden, reports he is recovering well from tongue cancer and looks forward to singing again soon, BBC News reports today. He said his head had been "cooked pretty effectively" in the process of receiving treatment for the tongue cancer, no doubt due to administration of radiation. Iron Maiden's new studio album, The Book of Souls, is due for a September release and Bruce Dickinson and the band plan to go on tour early next year. Millions of fans around the world will look forward to Dickinson piloting the band's Boeing 757, named "Ed Force One," after the band's mascot, to cities around the globe during next year's concert tour.

Dickinson revealed he had two tongue cancer tumors, one about the size of a golf ball and the other was two and a half centimeters and growing larger, Blabbermouth reported today. Dickinson said he's met several other men his age who had the same kinds of tumors in the same places.

"Well, I've just been through what, actually, a load of people go through every day. I mean, 'cause it's thousands of people in the U.K. and around the world who have treatment for this kind of thing," Dickinson said, "So, in that respect, the only thing that's special about it is that I'm a quite well-known person, so… But I've been fortunate. I had a really good bounce-back. And everybody says, 'Hey, it's gone.' So I'm just getting better now, really — healing up."

The Iron Maiden lead singer is happy to be done with the radiation treatment and reports the healing process to be going well, and that his voice is fine for speaking, and he expects to be singing soon as well. He said his doctor stated it will be a year after treatment before he's much better, and he had been finished with treatment for two months.

Dickinson stated he's "very fortunate" to have had a "really good bounce-back" in his recovery from tongue cancer, Ultimate Classic Rock reports. After feeling a lump in his neck, Dickinson sought medical attention and was diagnosed with cancer, and was treated for it this past winter, as reported here by the Inquisitr.

As reported here last month, Iron Maiden's soon be released new studio album, The Book of Souls, will include 11 songs that run 92 minutes, including the longest song ever recorded by Iron Maiden. The band plans a concert tour next year. After his recovery from cancer, millions of fans look forward to hearing the voice of Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson, regarded by most heavy metal music fans as one of the greatest voices of this style of music ever.

[Photo of Bruce Dickinson by Jason Kempin for Getty Images.]