Chandler Parsons: The Next King Of NBA Recruiting?

Chandler Parsons takes his job with the Dallas Mavericks seriously. Not just his actual job as the starting small forward for the team, but apparently Parsons has taken on a role of general manager in the offseason. As the official team page for the Mavericks points out, Parsons is more than willing to handle the recruiting of free agents.

“I’m officially shifting into GM mode,” Parsons said at his exit interview. “I have great relationships with a lot of guys that are out there. I have a great relationship with a lot of guys that are currently on our team. So as a guy that will be here for a while, and as one of the key guys going forward, I will definitely be talking to management.”

The question is, what does veteran power forward Dirk Nowitzki think about Parsons and his recruiting abilities?

“He’s great at that,” the big man said. “He’s great at small-talking and all the stuff I’m not great at.”

As for what Parsons has done thus far in the 2015 offseason, he’s apparently spent plenty of time recruiting former teammate Patrick Beverley, according to the Houston Chronicle. Beverley would be a nice addition to the Mavericks, but the push that Parsons recently made on former Los Angeles Clipper DeAndre Jordan is one that could really change the game in Dallas.

While ESPN explains that the Mavericks recently signed Jordan to a four-year max contract worth over $80 million, it’s the backstory involving Chandler Parsons that makes this deal so incredible.


If the “90-10” numbers that Markazi of ESPN points out above are accurate, then it means that Parsons may very well be the best recruiter in the NBA at this point. The fact that Parsons (and the Mavs) were able to convince Jordan to leave the Clippers and a potentially massive deal there, truly says a lot.

To make things even more interesting, Parsons admitted to being offended by how the Houston Rockets handled him last offseason, as reported by the Inquisitr. Think there’s any chance that the Rockets may miss what Parsons is capable of doing both on and off the court at this point? It was widely known that Parsons was a key recruiter in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes in Houston, but now those general manager skills have found a new home in Dallas.

So now, it’s time to welcome DeAndre Jordan to the Dallas Mavericks, but also to thank Chandler Parsons for being the man at the forefront of the recruitment.

[Image via Mark Davis]