UFC News: Conor McGregor Calls Chad Mendes A ‘B-Level Fighter,’ Says His Disproportionate Body Hinders Him

Next Saturday night’s UFC 189 will without a doubt be the biggest fight of Conor McGregor’s life. There’s a lot on the line for McGregor and the UFC. If McGregor wins, he becomes the interim UFC Featherweight Champion, and the big-money fight with Jose Aldo will still happen. If he loses, his star-power could be damaged, and people could very well look at him as all hype, and not a fighter who has the skill to be a top guy.

Chad Mendes,who will be taking on McGregor at UFC 189 instead of Jose Aldo, is a dangerous fighter, and a much different fighter than Aldo is. But it seems like McGregor isn’t really worried about the change in style, saying that Mendes is a “B-level fighter,” and added that his body type does him no favors in terms of endurance.

“I think Chad is a substitute. A B-level (fighter). I think he’s a wrestler with an overhand who gasses. I think his body weight to his height, his body is in disproportion, and I think that hampers him as a fighter. I think that’s why he gasses and he gets that tired.”

McGregor says that he plans on putting the pressure on his opponent next Saturday night because he expects that Mendes, who has only had a couple of weeks to prepare for the fight, will gas out early, which will give McGregor the opening he needs to land the knockout shot.

“That’s why when I’m pressing him and I’m pressing him, I’m having these exchanges and these scrambles, his belly is going to be breathing in and his body is going to be screaming for oxygen and I’m going to still be there in his face, cracking him with everything that I have. Every shot; the heel, the knee, the elbow, the fist, every shot in the book I have. And that will be that. Eventually he will give, like they all do.’

As of right now, Conor McGregor is a slight favorite to defeat Chad Mendes at UFC 189. Furthermore, a McGregor win is something that both the fans and the UFC want, as it will set up the fight that was originally supposed to take place, Aldo vs. McGregor for the undisputed UFC Featherweight Championship, which will most likely be the biggest fight of the year.

[Image via Fox Sports]