‘Star Wars 8’: Skellig Michael’s Role In The Second Part Of Disney’s Trilogy [Spoiler]

We haven’t even seen The Force Awakens, but there are some interesting rumors about Star Wars 8 floating around and they have to do with the remote Irish island of Skellig Michael, which reportedly plays a central role in this new trilogy.

The always reliable Making Star Wars folks have some interesting scoops about Skellig Michael Island, which we heard about last year as production was coming to an end for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. At the time, there were rumors that Mark Hamill was spotted on location.

Even though the production was slightly delayed, because of Harrison Ford’s injury at Pinewood Studios, some of the other cast members, such as Hamill, continued to work on their roles. The thoughts were that a disheveled Luke Skywalker was living in exile on the island. Remember this photo?

According to the report, the locals called the island “The Jedi Monastery.” The reference was clear to Luke’s new home and his hermit appearance. We still don’t how he ends up living there and will have to wait for The Force Awakens to find out, but apparently Skellig Michael will also feature in the second part, Star Wars 8.

“Initially during the production of The Force Awakens they wanted to return to the location to shoot some coverage for Star Wars 8, which was prevented by bad weather. Once Rian Johnson came on board for Episode 8 and the story developed it was required they shoot there again and this time, bad weather was preferred.

“Shooting at Skellig Michael for Star Wars 8 appears to be slated for this October. Interestingly, the place is going to look a lot different because of the weather at that time. For The Force Awakens they tried to get as clear a day as possible for the shoot because it is the happy and optimistic ending of the film. That might not be the case for Star Wars 8, which could be a dark film if it follows the Original Trilogy form somewhat.”

Skellig Michael island
Skellig Michael (Image via Wikipedia/Jerzy Strzelecki)

In addition, more of the cast and crew are expected to return for the filming of Star Wars 8 — only about 60 were there for The Force Awakens. More rumors indicate that the time the film crew will stay on Skellig Michael will also be longer than for the first part of the trilogy and they will also be filming scenes there.

The talk is that Star Wars 8 will begin right where The Force Awakens leaves off.

SPOILER ALERT: Read ahead at your own peril.

Rey (Daisy Ridley — who was also spotted on location, according to this report) brings the Jedi lightsaber to Luke “that is where the new Jedi Order will be begin anew: in a secret location, where it cannot be harmed again (probably just consisting of Luke Skywalker and Rey).”

What do you think of the theories about Star Wars 8 and Skellig Michael?

[Image via Lucasfilm]