Avery Taylor And Shayne Lund: Horror Couple’s Child Sex Abuse Revealed In Sick Text Messages, Photos

Avery Taylor and Shayne Lund are a young couple in Canada whose rather innocent outward appearance conceals some of the sickest desires and crimes imaginable — crimes that both have now admitted in court, and on Thursday, were revealed in graphic detail. The couple openly discussed their grotesque activities and plans in text messages in which they discuss kidnapping and sexually abusing little girls, fantasies which they acted upon repeatedly, according to their guilty pleas.

UPDATE: A second girlfriend of Shayne Lund also pleaded guilty to encouraging Lund in making his demented fantasies involving both children and animals come true. But according to a county-appointed psychiatrist she did it all out of an obsessive loyalty to Lund, not because she shared his perversions. Read that full story at this link.

Warning: Graphic details ahead

Nude photographs of young girls taken by Taylor and Lund were also released by authorities as part of the 100-page “statement of facts” made public July 2, though other images of child pornography taken by Lund and Taylor have been placed under seal. Lund is the son of an Ontario police officer and all of his crimes took place in three Ontario cities.

According to the court documents, Taylor, 21, told investigators that when the couple was dating in the summer of 2013, she learned that Lund, 23, had an “obsession with having sexual intercourse with small children.”

And she was determined to do whatever she could to help him fulfill his degenerate fantasies, using her job as a babysitter to gain access to young girls for Lund to rape — a craving he often described in stomach-turning detail that left little to the imagination.

“I need a little ‘un I’m dying I need my kinda fix,” read one text from Lund to Taylor, using the term “little ‘un” which the couple used to refer to child victims. “I swear I’m just gonna walk into the girls bathroom and grab one.”

Taylor’s response was “Dare you ;)”

That text came during an exchange about a plot between the two to kidnap a girl from the bathroom of a drive-in movie theater, knock her out with drugs, and sexually assault her. They never carried out that scheme.

But the demented couple did succeed in other plots to abuse little girls. One five year-old girl was blindfolded and tricked into oral sex with Lund in the guise of a “taste test,” during which Lund wore a condom coated with strawberry flavoring.

In one text, Taylor tells Lund that she has “got” a little girl, and suggests, “Let’s take her to the beach … we can get her in the water where no one will see.”

When they attacked the girl under the cover of water, Lund filmed the attack using a waterproof video camera. But the little girl screamed and the couple were not able to take the assault as far as they had planned.

Lund later texted Taylor that the couple should attempt to rape the little girl again, but this time, they would drug her first.

“She’s too smart … as bad as I want her she’s a screamer,” wrote Lund in the message. “But insnly hot an nice body … mmm. We need to knock her out.”

The pair even fantasized about parenting a child, but disagreed on whether Lund would be allowed to sexually abuse their own daughter, if they had one.

“Why shouldn’t her dad be her first? I couldn’t hold myself back…not at all,” Lund wrote.

“I would let u have every other child in the world. But I would(n’t) want you to mess with our baby,” his girlfriend responded.

The revelations came less than a week after a married couple in Pennsylvania, Robert and Holly Greiner, were arrested and charged with sexually abusing children over a period of years.

Unbelievably, Lund had a previous girlfriend, Kathryn Thompson, who also admitted to helping and encouraging Lund in his sexual pursuit of children. Thompson pleaded guilty to 11 charges, and admitted to encouraging him to rape a four-year-old. She also confessed to engaging in bestial sex acts with her own family’s dog.

Avery Taylor has also pleaded guilty to 11 charges including producing child pornography, sexual assault, and conspiring to drug a child. Shayne Lund entered guilty pleas to 35 counts that ranged from sexual assault against children, conspiracy to drug and rape children, creating child pornography, and sexual acts with animals. Neither has yet been sentenced.

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