Fort Greene Park Flag-Burning Protest Takes Ironic Twist When Anti-NYPD Protesters Needed To Be Saved By The NYPD

In an ironic twist of fate, anti-NYPD group Disarm The Police had to be saved by the very people they were protesting against when their flag-burning protest at Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn, New York, was invaded by 40 large bikers from the Hallowed Sons Motorcycle Club.

The group of protesters posted on their Facebook page that they would be at Fort Greene Park Wednesday night to burn both the American and Confederate flags — which they claimed were both “symbols of oppression” — in protest of the Charleston church massacre and NYPD policies. 350 people on the Disarm The Police Facebook page had confirmed they would be in attendance, but what none of them expected was members from the Hallowed Sons Motorcycle Club showing up to ensure no more flags were burned.

“They took off like little b**ches,” one of the bikers told the New York Post, “They lit the f**king flag and took off running once they got slapped once or twice.”

Though there are laws against burning things in Fort Greene Park, the protesters managed to find a loophole that allows people to cook in closed barbecue grills. When the first flag went into the grill and began burning, it was reportedly quickly kicked over by one of the bikers and doused with water.

A scuffle between the bikers and the protesters ensued, and the group had to be saved by those they typically fight against, as NYPD officers shielded the flag burners and escorted them out of the park.

The bikers weren’t the only pro-flag demonstrators to turn up at the park during Disarm The Police’s protest.

“I served in the Marines,” said 23-year-old Brian Christopher. “We defend this flag. We are ready to die for it. When I see people burning it and showing complete ignorance, it’s very offensive.”

Another demonstrator at the park was John Carroll, who was booed for picking an American flag up off the ground. “If you’re going to burn the American flag, you’re going to run the risk of running into people like me,” he told NBC New York. “I will stand by this flag all the time.”

Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams condemned the flag burning by the anarchist group.

“I am sympathetic to those protesting institutional racism in our society, but burning the American flag is a fringe act that will do nothing to combat the challenges we face.”

No arrests were made on either side of the Fort Greene Park flag burning protest.

[Image Credit: The New York Post]