‘Dying Light’ Weekend Events Start Soon For The ‘Summer With Dying Light’ Campaign

Players journeying through Harran are in for quite a treat this summer. Techland announced a series of weekend events coming up for Dying Light for players to enjoy through the months of July and August. Players noticed the weekend events message on the official Twitter account for Dying Light where other promotions for the game are often revealed.

The first two weekends of the “Summer with Dying Light” campaign for Dying Light are called “Spider-Crane” and “Harran Marathon.” During the weekend of July 4 through July 5, players will be able to move throughout the city a little easier during the Spider-Crane event. Players taking control of the game’s protagonist, Kyle Crane, during this time will enjoy unlimited grappling hook shots and experience the whole game with nearly no fall damage. The Harran Marathon will take place over July 11 and July 12, but there are no details on what the event entails yet. Four more weekends of events are also scheduled; however, none of those events have even been named.

Dying Light

All of the events found within the “Summer with Dying Light” campaign are likely to be one-time only affairs since they seem to greatly alter the normal gameplay found in Dying Light. The game’s engine allows for some interesting changes like the April Fool’s event where players could punch and kick zombies across the city with ease. That day-long change to the way the game was played made for a few hilarious moments, but could not continue indefinitely much like these new “Summer with Dying Light” events.

Players should know that the new “Summer with Dying Light” campaign is not the #DrinkForDLC promotion. They are completely separate from each other with the “Summer with Dying Light” following a set schedule while the #DrinkForDLC quest requires player participation, namely drinking water, to meet goals. In fact, the latter is quite the social networking sight as a reaction to the special quest available to Destiny players if they buy Red Bull. The Inquisitr summed up that promotion nicely in a recent overview.

The water-drinking promotion for Dying Light tasks players with drinking water and posting a picture of it with the #DrinkForDLC hashtag to unlock free DLCs for all Dying Light players. The promotion started on June 24 and by June 27, players had already posted 10,000 images of drinking water. That number will unlock a 50 percent experience boost and one DLC so far with three more goals set up. The highest goal is set at 50,000 tweets.

[Images via Dying Light]