Kim Hyun Joong Count Case: Ex-Girlfriend Reveals Second Pregnancy Due Date, Kim's Legal Team Demands Proof

Jan Omega

Since August of 2014, K-drama star Kim Hyun Joong (Boys Over Flowers) has been engaged in an ongoing legal battle with his former girlfriend over alleged domestic abuse charges. Since then, other allegations suddenly came up in the court case. First, Kim's ex-girlfriend (who is known by the news as "A" or "Choi) was allegedly pregnant with Kim's child but she reportedly lost the child in a miscarriage. Kim's parents appeared in court to deny the claims of Choi's miscarried pregnancy, something that might be true given the fact that Choi or her legal team have failed to present substantial evidence of such.

Now, another allegation has arisen in the court case. Apparently, Choi is pregnant with Kim Hyun Joong's second child and they recently revealed the child's due date. However, Kim's legal team is not buying it as they demand proof.

According to KdramaStars, legal representatives for Choi revealed she was pregnant with Kim Hyun Joong's second child on July 3, 2015. They also revealed the scheduled date for delivery too.

"Kim Hyun Joong's ex-girlfriend is scheduled to give birth on September 12."
"We have received medical records of her second pregnancy. We however requested for ultrasound pictures to confirm, but they haven't given us those yet. If it turns out to be Kim Hyun Joong's baby, he is definitely wanting to take responsibility."
"The reason we can't proceed with the lawsuit is because Miss Choi is pregnant so it's hard for the court to demand her appearance. However, if everything is eventually found to be a lie, then the lawsuit she has filed against us for damages will be rejected by the court as well."