WWE: Kevin Owens Will Lose The NXT Title To Finn Balor, And That’s A Huge Mistake

Kevin Owens is on the verge of losing his NXT title to fan-favorite baby face, Finn Balor, at WWE’s upcoming “Beast of the East” show, and from a booking standpoint that makes no sense whatsoever.

If you’re wanting to see KO become one of the main roster’s top heels, you don’t have him drop the belt to a guy destined to spend his next year or two in the minor league promotion, especially after booking Kevin Owens as strong as you did against John Cena.

I’m not saying that Owens should never lose or even that Finn Balor is a poor successor. Balor isn’t particularly exciting outside the ring, and while highly talented inside the ring, his move-set could use a little work.

(A flying double-stomp as your finisher? Really?)

But Finn definitely has promise as one of WWE’s top guys. It’s just too early to be putting him over someone as over as KO.

Owens has accomplished the rare feat of becoming hugely popular on the minor league show and carrying that popularity with him to the main roster.

His future is a bright one, and WWE appears to be very high on him in spite of the plans to have him lose the NXT title. Nevertheless, having Balor go clean over Owens is a step back no matter how you look at it.

Besides, Finn already pinned him clean on the last episode of NXT in a tag match. Getting the best of Kevin Owens twice in a row and having that be the end of the feud — as it appears the company is planning — does little to raise Owens’ star on Raw and Smackdown.

Of course, the upside of this is that a nice “consolation prize” for KO will be taking the U.S. title off Cena at Battleground, but that’s in question now because giving Kevin Owens the victory would be a double black eye to Cena.

Losing a feud to the guy, who lost a feud, to the NXT Champion — is WWE really willing to do that with their top star?

By the time you read this, the deal will likely already be done. Finn Balor will be your next NXT champ, and Kevin Owens will be the guy, who couldn’t get the job done at NXT.

It’s hard to see how that’s best for business. But what do you think, readers? Is Finn Balor ready to go clean over Kevin Owens, and if so, how do you help the character as well as Cena save face moving forward? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image via WWE]