McDonald’s Employee Arrested After Spitting In Drink

That fear of a McDonald’s employee spitting in your drink may have come true if you happened to be easting at the McDonald’s location on Northeast Main Street in Simpsonville, SC this past week.

An employee at that location was arrested and quickly charged with unlawful and malicious tampering after several customers complained of finding phlegm in their tea.

The incident was first reported by a mother and daughter who discovered that someone had appeared to have spit in their tea. The mother and daughter had originally ordered sweet iced tea but instead received regular tea, after returning the drinks they realized they were still not correct. The customers decided to simply add their own sweetener at home and when they opened the lid to their drinks they discovered phlegm floating in both drinks.

At the center of the phlegm incident is Marvin D. Washington Jr., 19, who was arrested by Greenville County deputies and charged with unlawful and malicious tampering with food.

It looks like this might be an open and shut case as video surveillance in the store clearly shows Marvin leaning down into both drinks before willing them with ice tea.

Marvin is being held in the Greenville County Detention Center with a $5,000 bond.

After learning of the incident John Kennedy, the owner of the McDonald’s location released the following statement:

“Nothing is more important to me than the safety and well being of my customers. I want to assure my customers that my restaurant has the most stringent food safety and quality standards and I caution anyone from reaching a conclusion without the facts. As this is a pending police matter, it would be inappropriate to discuss further and, as such, any additional questions can be directed to the police department.”

At this time it’s unclear if the company has offered the victims any type of compensation or personal apology.