New Jersey Boy Defends American Flag In Heroic Patriotic Act

One New Jersey teen boy is taking a stand this week in defense of the American flag. To offset the negative attention created by the burning of the American flag in Brooklyn, Shpejtim Zenelaj has been proudly, yet quietly, holding an American flag and a handmade sign that reads “Honk for the U.S.A” in view of passersby, asking for patriotic honks, reports ABC 7.

While the news has recently been filled with controversy over taking down the Confederate flag, as well as protesters burning the American flag, this inspiring story is uplifting and refreshing. Perhaps the most surprising factor is that Shpejtim is a Muslim immigrant. He doesn’t understand why natural American citizens would want to decimate something so important as the flag.

“I felt disappointed in the citizens of this country. Don’t they understand how much this [country] tries to help them? I love America. It’s a great country.”

He has been standing in support of the American flag, and all the flag represents, for the past six days from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Shpejtim plans to continue this schedule through the Fourth of July.

His family is very proud of his efforts to stand for what he believes in, and they hope that his actions to honor the American flag will shed a positive light on the Muslims in America. Shpejtim’s mother has strongly patriotic feelings, as well.

“We all love America. Be encompassed by what everyone feels about the flag on such an important holiday like Independence Day.”

The Mayor of Rahwey, Samson Steinman, was so impressed by the teen’s patriotic act that he organized a quick parade of city officials such as police officers, fire fighters, and ambulances to drive by and “Honk for the U.S.A.” Steinman also presented Shpejtim with a medal of honor to recognize his patriotic stance.

The teen was overwhelmed by the unexpected attention he received.

“That was the best day of my life. I almost wanted to cry.”

American citizens everywhere could take a page from this young boy’s book. His reverence for the American flag is commendable. An immigrant from Kosovo, he knows first hand how wonderful our country is, and does not take it for granted. How many of us can say the same?

[Image via Samantha Karas/NJ Advance Media for]