'Outlander' Star Sam Heughan Speaks French In Season 2, Plus Which 'Harry Potter' Star Just Joined The Cast?

Perry Carpenter

It appears as though Sam Heughan has been brushing up on his French in preparation for Season 2 of Outlander. Heughan, who had to take lessons in French for his role as Jamie Fraser in the second season, had his French speaking skills put to the test recently at the Monte Carlo Television Festival.

Apparently, Heughan was asked by fans during the festival to read a French tongue-twister phrase. According to Outlander TV News, Heughan performed flawlessly in his reading of the French phrase.

Heughan's lessons in French make sense as the second season of Outlander will see Jamie and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) head to Paris, France, for the majority of the season. As the new season features the couple in a brand new setting, Heughan recently revealed that his character's relationship with Claire was only strengthened after the troubling events in Season 1.

"It definitely made their relationship stronger and more complex, more grey," the actor explained in an interview. "It's the whole process of a relationship and growing up, as well."

While the characters get embroiled in Parisian politics of the time in order to prevent the Battle of Culloden from ever happening, the new season will also be introducing a number of new characters.

One of the new faces to be added in Season 2 is Mother Hildegarde. According to TV Line, Hildegarde will be played by the former Harry Potter actress Frances De La Tour.

"Francis De La Tour is intelligent and commanding, which is why she'll make a great Mother Hildegarde!" the official Outlander Twitter page announced.

De La Tour is known for her role in the Harry Potter franchise as Madame Maxime. As fans likely remember, Maxime was the head of the Beauxbatons school in the magical series. De La Tour's role as Mother Hildegarde will see her working closely with Claire, who meets Mother Hildegarde at the L'Hopital des Anges in Outlander.

Although De La Tour is yet another addition to the new season, which will also include appearances by Stanley Weber, Robert Cavanah, and Dominique Pinon, the characters of Brianna and Roger have yet to be cast.

In regards to casting the important parts of Brianna and Roger, Ronald Moore stated that it's going to take some time to find the right actors for the job.

"It's an ongoing process," he revealed to E! News. "We have started shooting but we're not shooting those scenes yet, because you cross-board everything aggressively, so we have time, and it's going to take a little while."

Season 2 of Outlander is expected to air sometime in 2016.