TNA News: TNA Wrestling Heavily Pursuing Rey Mysterio, Set To Offer Him A Major Deal

Former WWE Superstar Rey Mysterio has been heavily sought after since parting ways with WWE earlier in the year. He has been seemingly everywhere since leaving WWE, but he has mostly done the Mexican tour. He has been with AAA, among other places, and worked an Indy show here and there other areas. He is currently being pursued by Lucha Underground, who has attempted to bring him in officially for months now.

According to Daily Wrestling News, TNA Wresting is also quite interested in Rey. They want to get back into traditional PPV but realize they need bigger names to come in and help them with it. They are still actively pursuing Dolph Ziggler and are willing to spend top dollar to get both to come in.

It is said that since Ziggler looks to be staying with WWE, Rey Mysterio will have a lot more leverage with TNA on a contract. Currently, Lucha Underground is willing to offer Mysterio about $1 million to sign. They are having some minor financial problems as of now, however, so they have not officially offered him a deal yet. While TNA likely won’t be able to pay Mysterio but half of this, they are at least able to offer a deal while Lucha Underground is not able to. Still, around $500,000 is a big deal for Rey at this point in his career.

The thought is that Rey Mysterio is comfortable right now with what is making Indy-wise for appearances. So he is no rush to sign with any promotion. Lucha offering him $1 million to sign is worth the investment in time for Rey, especially since they have a smaller schedule than most any televised promotion. It is believed Lucha Underground will remain up and going by next year as well. The same cannot be said for TNA Wrestling right now.

This is what is leading many to leave TNA or simply not stay under contract with them. No one trusts the future of TNA. Heck, even Bobby Roode left and recently signed with Global Force Wrestling. Even if it’s part of the new TNA/GFW invasion angle, we all know that GFW will be a company next year with its lack of major issues. TNA can’t say the same.

So while GFW is signing seemingly everyone who is leaving TNA, TNA itself seems to be fine with having people under per date deals. Rey Mysterio would want something concrete. He also does not want to be in a crazy situation. It just seems that it would take something seriously compelling for Rey to sign with TNA, so do not be surprised if he waits for the Lucha Underground offer.

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