Mariah Carey Joins Janet Janet Jackson In Being Bashed By Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams loves to bash female celebrities, and she has lately had her eye on two prominent African-American celebrities — Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson. A couple weeks back, Wendy insisted Janet was “too old” and should just play Las Vegas. Now, according to Gossip Cop, Wendy has her vitriol aimed towards Mariah Carey.

The site notes that during the hot topics segment, Wendy showed a picture of Carey and new (alleged) boyfriend James Packer, insinuating that he is ugly and that Mariah’s ex Nick Cannon is happy her attention is on someone else. Then, they quoted Williams in being particularly nasty.

“Because in my head, Mariah is all about Mariah… I don’t picture Mariah being fun in a relationship, like I picture her being child-like to a point of unicorns. It’s cute in the beginning, but all of a sudden, a guy wants to be with a woman. And I don’t picture Mariah — I don’t picture her having sex.”

Mariah Carey has been under the radar with her relationship with billionaire James Packer. People ran a story on how Mariah Carey fell when stepping off Packer’s boat.

“Mariah Carey took a small tumble while stepping off her billionaire boyfriend’s yacht on Wednesday. Fortunately, one of James Packer’s staff members was there to offer the singer an arm, catching her before she could fall down the stairs. What a gentleman!”

There has also been suspicion in the media that Mariah Carey’s relationship with James Packer is nothing but a publicity stunt. The Daily Telegraph is one of the major papers making the charge.

“Packer, who is notoriously private, is usually pictured scowling and ducking out of the glare of a paparazzi lens. Yet this week we saw him happily walking hand-in-hand with his new leading lady, gazing lovingly into her eyes. The love birds were conveniently captured in a series of carefully-crafted poses. He appeared solicitous and gentlemanly. She was fully made-up and wearing a flattering sundress.”

Mariah Carey was also accused of staging a publicity stunt relationship with Brett Ratner last March. However, the fact she and Packer have been pictured together several times for the past two weeks could indicate that Mariah Carey may have found her true love. After a year of harsh criticism from the media, it’s something she needs.

Carey will continue her successful Las Vegas residency at Caesar’s Palace on July 8. Perhaps Mariah really doesn’t care what Wendy Williams and others think.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]