Giant Centipede Pulled From Ear Of Arkansas Teen Grant Botti [Video]

Photos of a giant centipede pulled from the ear of an Arkansas teen named Grant Botti is enough to make anyone squirm. But can you imagine having that giant creature wiggling inside your skull?

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Grant Botti is only 14-years-old, but he just had an experience which he will remember for a lifetime. According to Arkansas Matters, the Arkansas teen was asleep when a pain in his ear caused him to wake up. After poking around his head to figure out what was causing the pain, Botti pulled a giant centipede from his ear.

The boy’s mother, Angela Botti, says she put the giant centipede in a bag and drove her son to the hospital. The doctors at Saline Memorial examined the ears of the teen and discovered that the giant centipede had caused abrasions to his eardrum and ear canal, which they covered with a bandage. Hospital staff say they have pulled all sorts of interesting things from the ears of people, but a giant centipede measuring about four inches long was definitely a first for them.

The Arkansas teen’s mother is uncertain where the giant centipede came from and how it managed to squirm its way into the boy’s ear. According to KATV, the running theory is that the giant centipede crawled into the boy’s ear while he was swimming at the beach earlier in the day, but no one knows for certain.

[Images via Angela Botti]