‘Big Brother 17’ Week 2 Tidbits: Nominations, Battle Of The Block Winner Revealed [Spoilers]

Things are moving along quickly in the Big Brother 17 house. The first eviction has taken place, the Week 2 Head of Household winners have been named, and things have even progressed to the nominations and Battle of the Block competition. There was a big target on one houseguest’s back heading into this second week, but has she managed to evade danger? What Big Brother spoilers are available so far for Week 2 of the competition?

As Big Brother Network shares, Becky Burgess and Shelli Poole won the Head of Household spots and had to do their nominations just a few hours later. Becky nominated Steve Moses, and Jason Roy while Shelli nominated Da’Vonne Rogers and John McGuire. While Becky’s plan was to ultimately get Audrey Middleton on the block, Shelli has aimed to go after Da’Vonne.

The Battle of the Block competition was already held as well, and Big Brother spoilers reveal that Jason and Steve won. That means Becky is no longer HOH, while Shelli keeps the gig. That also means that the plan to target Audrey is likely dead, for now, and Da’Vonne has plenty of reasons to worry.

Live feed watchers saw a lot of talk overnight about the nominations and eviction targets. Buddy TV noted Big Brother spoilers that Shelli, along with Clay and Jeff, worked with John, urging him to throw the Battle of the Block competition so they can get Day evicted. Viewers will have to wait and see whether the competition was one that John could easily manage to throw.

Though Shelli led Becky to believe she was game to try to backdoor Audrey, that’s not really the case. Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds indicate that Shelli and Clay are going after Da’Vonne because they fear she’s coming after them. They also think that Audrey has quickly become so untrustworthy that she’s not a threat to them at this point.

Luckily for Day fans, she knows she’s being targeted. She’ll be playing hard to win Power of Veto, and she has a few other houseguests who may work to help her. However, she’s definitely in a difficult position right now and is right to worry. There’s also a chance that Shelli and Clay will be convinced to focus on bigger threats and change their plan.

Of course, there’s also the chance that Johnny Mac will win POV. Though he knows he’s a pawn, he likely would take himself off the block anyway, and BB17 fans will be curious to see who would go up next to Day. While Shelli could go with another pawn, it would also be an opportunity for her to go back to the idea of putting up Audrey.

Can Da’Vonne escape the danger of being evicted this week? More Big Brother spoilers will become available over the weekend as the Power of Veto competition is held. There’s also the twist coming from Kathy Griffin that will potentially shake up the vote, so fans will have to hang tight for more information as it all plays out.

Stay tuned for more Big Brother 17 spoilers as Week 2 of the game moves along, and check out the next episodes covering the nominations, Battle of the Block and Power of Veto coming up on the Sunday and Tuesday night episodes.

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