Man Charged With Statutory Sexual Assault And Making Teenage Girls Drink Human Blood

Jonathan Ryan Davis is charged with statutory sexual assault and corruption of minors. Police charged the 21-year-old with committing bizarre crimes in the quiet little town of Vandergrift, Pennsylvania.

Police told WTAE that Jonathan Ryan Davis admitted to the sexual assault charges, as well as the bloodletting accusations, when investigators questioned him in January.

According to police, Davis explained the idea of bloodletting and drinking a human’s blood came to him as a result of him playing the South Korean online computer game called Mabinogi.

Police said two female minors and one male minor were Jonathan Davis’ victims. According to law enforcement, some people who cut themselves and participated in bloodletting and blood swapping with Davis, were over 18-years-old.

On June 30, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported Davis “used a knife to cut [a girl’s] arm. When he felt there was enough blood, he sucked the blood from her arm. He then cut himself and told her to drink his blood.”

As far as the statutory sexual assault charges against Jonathan Ryan Davis are concerned, Davis admitted to police that he had sex with a 14-year-old girl he knew was underage on December 14, 2014.

Jonathan Ryan Davis Accused Of Statutory Sexual Assault
Jonathan Ryan Davis is accused of having sex with 14-year-old girl, and drinking teens' blood. (Photo courtesy of DeviantArt/xNohara)

The criminal complaint says Davis and the girl were with a group at a park in Vandergrift. When everyone left the park for the night, the girl and Davis went into St. Gertrude Church on Franklin Avenue and had sexual intercourse.

In addition to the statutory sexual assault charges, the Westmoreland County man is facing charges that include telling a witness to lie to police and cutting the arms of several girls, licking their blood, and having the girls do the same to him.

KDKA reports comments made by Vandergrift Police Officer, Joseph Gray.

“There were some ritualistic issues from the summer and fall of last year, some bloodletting where victims (juveniles) cut their own wrists, and Davis would take their blood in his mouth and vice versa. None of the victims were forced into doing anything, and Davis has been fully co-operating in the on-going investigation.”

The charges against Davis for trying to get witnesses to lie to the police are a result of investigators discovering the following Facebook posts by Davis and a witness.

“Davis: ‘You were the last one with [Victim] and I, so you’re the only one that can say I left the same time as you.’

Witness: ‘[You] didn’t dude.’

Davis: ‘But you’re the only one that can say I did and get me out of this mess.”

When Officer Gray was asked if he had ever heard anything like this before, the 22-year veteran said, “Only in Hollywood.”

[Featured image via DeviantArt/xNohara]