Canadian Cop found Passed Out in Car after Police Station Drinking Binge

An Edmonton, Canada cop who was charged after he was found passed out in his running car after drinking with colleagues at the west-end station was granted a discharge Friday.

Constable Brian Toner, an admitted alcoholic binge drinker will not end up with a criminal record if he completes 18 months probation with conditions including rehab and staying away from alcohol. The judge said that there was no conflict of interest because Toner’s actions were “not egregious.” since the Constable – a 27-year veteran – was found parked on the side of the road 1 1/2 blocks from the police station.

On the night of his arrest, Toner and his co-workers were drinking in the lunch room at the west end Edmonton Police station when Staff Sgt. Kenneth Ogilvie noticed he was extremely impaired and ordered someone to drive him home.

Shortly afterward, Toner disappeared and was found by another officer later passed out in his car not far from the station. The officer who discovered Toner was bringing him home when Staff Sgt. Ogilvie told him to bring Toner back to the station to be charged with impaired driving.

No info was available as to whether or not anyone was reprimanded for drunken partying at the police station.