Jonathan Ford: Arrested Again Trying To Break The Animal Out Of The Shelter He Sexually Assaulted

On June 10, Jonathan Ford, then owner of the I Love Lucy Pet Rescue Center, was arrested on charges of bestiality. Ford was taken into custody at his home in Hattiesville, Arkansas. At the time, he was facing a Class A Misdemeanor charge for having sex with an animal. The animal was then taken to the Russellville Animal Shelter just a few miles away in Russellville, Arkansas.

Apparently, Jonathan Ford’s perversion for this dog has gone to extreme levels. On June 29, Ford was arrested again, according to 5 News Online. The Pope County Sheriff’s Department received a tip that Ford was planning to break the dog he had a relationship with out of the shelter. He is now facing charges of suspicion to commit commercial burglary, which is a Class D Felony in the state of Arkansas. If convicted, he could be facing as much as six years in prison.

Jonathan Ford’s story had gone viral prior to these new allegations. The Inquisitr’s initial story alone had over 12,000 likes on its Facebook page. The Petition Site caught wind of the story, and over 13,000 signatures have come through demanding that Ford receive the maximum fine of $2,500 for the initial charge of bestiality. People who have signed the petition consist of individuals from all over the world, including France and Germany.

Many are quick to express their opinions of what they feel Jonathan Ford deserves.

“He deserves nothing less than maximum punishment allowed by Arkansas Law. He also should NEVER be allowed to own another animal or work around them either. We must be their voice.” -Geralyn Caldwell, GA

“Totally disgusting…Lock this pervert up!!” -Kass Smithereen, NJ

“That is one SICK indiviual casterate him.” -Kathy Johnson, ON

“Oh my God, this is HORRIFIC!! Please give this man the max penalty allowed. This is rape!! Rape is traumatic for any living being. Please, please court mandate this man to NEVER EVER be allowed to be around animals again. I am big into animal advocacy and I have seen pictures of animals that have been abused this way and their little bodies are so damaged that they can no longer walk sometimes. This is a special kind of sick, along the same lines as being a predator to kids. That dog loved him and look how he abused it in return. Tears are streaming down my face!” -Lacy Dreis, TX

Considering Jonathan Ford has now gone from a simple fine to facing prison time, these petitioners are going to get their wish. What do you think should happen to Ford in this case? It will be interesting to hear our readers comments.

[Photo by THV11]