Why Are Waters Around The World Turning Blood Red? People Fear It Is A Sign Of The End Times

Bodies of water around the globe are reportedly turning blood red which has sparked a number of people to fear that the End Times are near. From seas to rivers, numerous bodies of water seemingly turn to blood overnight. With amazing pictures surfacing online of the incidents, a number of different groups are pointing to a biblical prophecy in Revelation 16:4, which describes an angel pouring a vial over earthly waters that cause them to turn to blood as proof that the apocalypse is near. However, is there another explanation besides impending apocalypse that explains the strange phenomena?

Recently, a number of posts have been showing up in social media that indicate that the End Times are near thanks to photos of blood red seas across the globe. The Washington Post reported on one such incident in China that left the river in the city of Wenzhou a startling shade of red. Residents say they woke up to the strange sight with no explanation for the blood-red waters.

"A few people that were up and about at 5 a.m. said that everything was normal but then suddenly within the space of a few minutes the water started turning darker and eventually was completely red."
With Wenzhou being a hub for the Christian faith, many calling it China's Jerusalem, some in the area point to a prophecy in the Christian bible to account for the strange, bloody waters. Revelation 16:4 speaks of an angel pouring a vial over waters to turn them to blood.
"And the third angel poured out his vial upon the rivers and fountains of waters; and they became blood. [Revelation 16:4]"
Though many believed the red river to be a sign from the heavens, the Chinese government says there is a simple explanation for the red waters. Wenzhou Environmental Protection says that tests indicated that the waters were turned the frightening shade of red from illegal dumping, likely artificial coloring from the clothing industry.The Telegraph reported on another strange incident which led to the closing of Sydney beaches in Australia. Tourists in the area initially feared that the blood was the result of a shark attack, but no such attack took place. In fact, local officials noted that the blood red color was the result of a bloom of algae in the area. The beaches were closed, and several pictures of the strange waters began to circulate online.According to the BBC, residents of the Pacific Island of Tonga were also surprised by blood red seas. As in China, many in the area immediately feared that the red tides were an indication of the End Times. However, like the beaches of Australia, the red tides were determined to be a result of red algae blooms. In fact, these same red tides happen yearly on Florida's Gulf Coast.Despite illegal dumping and excessive red algae blooms being determined as the cause of all of the bloody seas, that hasn't stopped rumors from circulating online that the End Times are approaching.
What do you think? Are you worried about the bodies of water turning blood red across the globe?

[Image Credit: Newspix via Twitter]