Ann Coulter Book Signing Chaos: Protesters Disrupt California Event for ‘Adios, America’

An Ann Coulter book signing in Costa Mesa, California, this week got chaotic when protesters stopped by with some chants directed at the author. In true Coulter style, though, she battled back with a response that naturally her supporters loved and critics hated.

As Mediaite shared, the Ann Coulter book signing that raised a ruckus was held at a Barnes & Noble for her book Adios, America: The Left’s Plan to Turn Our Country Into a Third-World Hellhole. Reports indicate that a group of protesters chanted throughout the signing and had banners as well. Gabriel San Roman, a reporter for the OC Weekly, says that when it became clear during the signing that he wasn’t a fan of Coulter’s, he was shooed out of the way by security.

The OC Register details that about 100 people gathered at the bookstore for the signing on Wednesday night, and that protesters and Coulter fans clashed heavily. The protesters apparently grew to be about 50 people strong, and about 20 security guards attempted to keep the peace both inside and in front of the store. A number of protesters were asked by security to leave, and reports indicate that at one point the police were called.

During the heat of the protests, private visits with Coulter were halted and the media was reportedly asked to leave the store. There were some arguments between the Coulter fans and protesters, and some heckling, but it doesn’t seem that things escalated to the point of there being any violence, injuries, or arrests.

For her part, Coulter responded to the fracas in a statement to Breitbart News.

“You have to understand, screaming and defacing things is how Latin Americans express disagreement. At least as long as they were destroying books and screaming in a book store, they weren’t molesting any 4-year-olds.”

Between Ann Coulter’s book signing and Donald Trump’s remarks about Mexicans during his presidential run announcement, there has certainly been a lot to talk about in the world of politics, immigration, and race relations these past few weeks. From the looks of the social media activity and commentary online, those who have already loved those like Coulter and Trump are thrilled with the latest comments that are generating headlines, and the opinions coming from Ann and Donald on these topics aren’t necessarily anything new.

Though there apparently wasn’t a huge turnout of supporters at Ann Coulter’s book signing in Costa Mesa, Adios, America has taken over several top spots on Amazon’s book rankings. While the protesters at this recent event might have shaken things up a bit, it doesn’t seem as if it’s rattling the controversial author up at all.

[Photo by Ben Gabbe/Getty Images]