Prince William Flies Cattle Class After Harsh Criticism For Private Jet Trip

Passengers aboard an economy class plane in Europe were surprised to see a casually dressed Prince William with just one bodyguard board the plane beside them and unceremoniously take a seat like the rest of them. The new dad of Princess Charlotte was not decked in any military dress – instead wearing a navy blue jumper, pale shirt, trousers and glasses, and he could have almost been mistaken for any other passenger. The future king of England was travelling to Scotland from his Norfolk home as part of his training programme with the East Anglian Air Ambulance, which is his new occupation.

It was more than likely his intent to make himself known as conservative with funds. He recently came under fire for what many thought was extravagant expenditure of tax dollars after he fueled up his private jet to travel from Highgrove in Gloucestershire to Windsor in Berkshire, which is only about 80 miles and would have taken approximately an hour and a half by car. Instead, he flew in his private jet, which cost taxpayers approximately eight thousand euros.

Fellow passengers were surprised to see William, 33-years-old, flying cattle class, but many were very pleased to not only be near him but to see he had made a wise financial decision. One fellow passenger said the plane was delayed about twenty minutes and nobody on board knew why.

“The flight was delayed about twenty minutes, then when it landed we realised the Prince was on board. I never expected to see him on Ryanair, but its refreshing to see a member of the royal family take a cheap flight.”

This is not the first time Prince William has flown economy class, and his brother Harry does it regularly. In 2011, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge chose to not take a private jet, and instead, flew with low-cost airline Flybe to make a trip from Edinburgh after the wedding of William’s cousin Zara Phillips to Mike Tindall.

In the news article on, there weren’t many kind comments about William or his choice. Many commented that he “looked scared to death to be in amongst the plebs” and others even had darker words.

“I can’t stand this evil man – still cosy with the very sick twisted establishment that murdered his own mother – and he knows it.”

Others called it a publicity stunt, and yet others lamented that regardless of how he flies, the taxpayers still foot the bill.

[Photo by Ian Gavan / Getty Images]