James Wolk Marries: ‘Mad Men’ And ‘Zoo’ Star Wolk Weds Elizabeth Jae Byrd After Dog Flea Helps Him Propose [Video]

James Wolk, who played Bob Benson in Mad Men, is now married to Elizabeth Jae Byrd. James’ wedding ceremony to his girlfriend took place in California, reported Us Weekly.

Wolk, known for his breakout role as the secretive account dude Benson in AMC’s series, chose a secluded location at a winery in tiny Los Olivos. And although Elizabeth and James kept their ceremony private, Wolk did share a charming photo of that all-important first dance.

With acting credits including a womanizing copywriter on The Crazy Ones and the role of Adam in Shameless, James now is in CBS’s Zoo sci-fi, in which he plays a zoologist who detects scary animal attacks on people.

But it was all romance, with not a hint of scary sci-fi, when Wolk crafted his proposal to Elizabeth, he told Harper’s Bazaar.

James revealed that he persuaded his beloved doggy Flea to help him propose.

“I had an elaborate plan that kind of folded in on itself, so I did it the old-fashioned way: We took our dog for a walk, and I had the ring tucked into my waist because I didn’t want it to bulge out of my pocket. There was no way I was taking that ring out of the box until it was on her finger—that’s the scariest thing, as a guy, is having that ring in your possession. You’re like, “When am I going to lose this?” Because, personally, I lose everything. So we were on a walk with the dog at sunset, and I just got down on a knee.”

Given that Wolk chose a winery for the site of his wedding, just what constitutes his favorite drink? Sorry, but no wine is involved.

“Simple—vodka on the rocks with a ton of ice and fresh limes. Taking the lime and squeezing it along the rim of the glass is a great way to finish it off,” James shared.

Wolk also revealed his favorite era to which he would time travel if he could.

“I would choose the 1950s, much like Marty McFly. I would love to be a fly on the wall and see that post-WWII American prosperity era, pre-JFK assassination, when people still had these rose-colored glasses on. There’s probably a reality that exists there that wasn’t quite like the movies make it out to be, and I think it would be interesting to see what that world was really like. But I love the cars; I love the music; I love the old-school rock ‘n’ roll. Elvis is coming onto the scene; the Rat Pack is around the corner.”

Now that he’s married, James has filled his Instagram pages with photos of his true love. As the Inquisitr reported, celebrities are increasingly using this form of social media to give their fans a look into their lives after they are married, such as is the case with recently wed Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler’s daughter Chelsea.

[Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Trevor Project]