Whoa! Second Cosmopolis Trailer Drops Minutes Before Cannes Line-Up Announcement.

Robert Pattinson is still “looking for more.” And after the first full Cosmopolis trailer dropped this morning, so were thousands of others. Rather obligingly, a second trailer landed around three hours later via Icon Films Australia. Perhaps in celebration of the film’s now official status as an in competition contender at this year’s 65th Cannes Film Festival.

David Cronenberg’s directorial (and screenplay) vision of Don DeLillo’s enigmatic and highly sexed billionaire, Eric Packer’s, 24 hour tailspin in an unhinged Manhattan has everybody talking. In a good way. Make that, great way. So what does the latest trailer show us that’s different, if anything?

Well, in a way this second trailer is more rounded. More time is given to some of the other characters, thus we get more insight into who they are and what they want. We see Sarah Gadon (playing, Elise Shifrin, Packer’s new wife) say to Packer, “You acquire information and turn it into something awful … you need to be inflamed don’t you? This is your element.”

Pattinson, equal parts dispassionate and intense, radiates a definitive presence at the center of the madness, while all around him people say (seemingly) random things like: “This is a protest against the future,” “I smell sex all over you.” “Your whole waking life is a self-contradiction,” and “Everything in our lives has brought us to this moment.”

Only copious repeats of the two trailers – and of course, the film itself – will bring clarity.So buckle up, the limo’s ready to go – Cronenberg, Pattinson and Cosmopolis are waiting to take you into the void.

The Cannes Film Festival runs from May 16-27.