Experienced Nurse Drops Newborn Baby, Child Has Skull Fracture And Bleeding [Video]

A 30-year veteran nurse accidentally fell asleep, causing her to drop a newborn baby at Uniontown Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The drop resulted in a fractured skull and bleeding on the right side of his skull. The family of the newborn baby, whose name is Eli Hunt, is struggling to understand how this event could have happened.


According to reports, an experienced and trusted nurse at the Family Beginnings Birthing Center was feeding the baby when she became drowsy and fell asleep, making her drop the baby. The drop resulted in serious injuries. Eli was transferred to UPMC Children’s Hospital, according to the Examiner.

When the newborn’s mother, Jacqueline Hunt, first saw her newborn, he was in a neck brace and attached to monitors in the hospital’s intensive care unit. Hunt claims she wasn’t told the nurse dropped her baby immediately — instead the hospital waited an hour to tell her.


“It’s just heartbreaking. I mean, if [the drop] was an accident, you can admit and tell us it was an accident. There’s no need to lie,” the mother said according to WPXI Channel 11.

She spoke to reporters and explained she couldn’t understand how a professional and experienced nurse could drop her newborn baby.

“The pediatrician came in and told us that [the nurse] was feeding him and burping him, and she was drowsy and fell asleep and dropped him. If she was tired, she should have known professionally not to pick up this child,” Hunt told reporters according to Examiner.

After the nurse dropped the newborn, Uniontown Hospital in Pittsburgh, through its coordinator of community relations, Josh Krysak, issued a statement on July 2 explaining their side of the incident:

“We are committed to making a healthy difference in every life we touch and when such an unfortunate incident occurs, we take it very seriously and personally. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the child and the family. We are sorry that such a wonderful event has been overshadowed by an unfortunate situation. We are thankful that it appears that this incident did not result in significant injury and we will continue to work to ensure that we do all we can to prevent such incidents from occurring.”

The hospital also mentioned that an internal investigation is currently being conducted, which might alter their protocol, reports WPXI Channel 11. The Hunt family contacted Uniontown police on their newborn’s behalf, who are investigating why the nurse could drop the newborn baby as well.

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