Baby Is Blinded After Surgeon Removed The Wrong Eye

A surgeon blinded a baby after removing the wrong eye. One-year-old Fernando Jonathan Valdez Ayala had a potentially life-threatening tumor in his left eye that needed removing — the little toddler could not see out of it. Tragically, the surgeon operated on the young child and removed the healthy eye instead.

Little Fernando was receiving chemotherapy, but according to his surgeon, Dr. Armando Cisneros Espinoza, the chemo treatment wasn’t working. Dr. Espinoza made the decision that Fernando’s eye had to be removed.

Tragically, the surgeon removed the baby’s good eye instead, leaving little Fernando blind.

The blinded baby’s parents are horrified parents. They are in the process of suing on the grounds of medical negligence. They’re also demanding compensation.

Dr. Espinoza said he removed the right eye because he saw a tumor in it. However, the blinded baby’s parents believe the surgeon’s defense is a cover-up because Fernando still has a tumor in his left eye.

The eye that was removed is undergoing tests to find out whether it actually did have a tumor.

Fernando’s mother, Maria Marlene Ayala Quijano, said, “Doctors started to treat him and decided that they were going to remove the left eye when it was not working, but they removed the right one.”

Maria added, “The doctor told us that he had removed the right eye because he had seen a tumor in that eye as well. But we cannot believe a tumor is going to suddenly appear in just a few hours in our son’s good eye, and the left eye, that was supposed to be removed, is still there.”

The Daily Mirror reports more of the blinded child’s mother’s thoughts on this most unfortunate matter.

“The doctor said that he wanted to save his life and therefore he decided to remove the right eye. They say that they will look at the eye to check that there was a tumor there, but we plan to get an independent test. I feel impotence and anger because my baby does not have a working eye anymore, and nobody can put it back, it was his only healthy eye.”

The boy’s father, Fernando Valdez Gastelum, reported the incident to police. An internal investigation is underway at the hospital.

According to the parents’ lawyer, Javier Valenzuela, Fernando’s life is still in danger due to the tumor in the bad eye. Valenzuela said they are going to make a complaint to the National Commission of Human Rights and the Medical Arbitration Commission.

While the investigation continues, the surgeon who blinded little Fernando has been suspended from all practice.

[Featured image via CEN]