Zayn Malik The Model: New Face Of ‘Asians U.K.’, Over 1D

Zayn Malik is in the headlines for making it 100 days without begging One Direction to take him back — but does he need them now that he has a budding modeling career?

After 100 days of forging a solo path, it is clear that Zayn Malik does not need One Direction anymore and is finally making good on his idea to become a model.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Zayn Malik’s idea to step up in the fashion world as a new career option has been a quick move. On June 14, the Mirror U.K. reported Zayn Malik was “keen to secure an endorsement deal with a huge fashion brand” — and it appears he is moving in that direction by landing his first magazine cover.

Adding to his accomplishments with One Direction, Zayn Malik was given an British Asian Award in mid-April for Outstanding Contributions to Music, according to U.S. Weekly.

Now, Zayn Malik is on the cover of a magazine associated with the award he won — but the cover caption is what many fans will find interesting. According to a July 2 report by Cambio, the front cover of the Autumn 2015 Asians U.K. magazine will include a picture of Zayn Malik with the words “Zayn Malik a brand.”

Of course, despite his success post-1D, critics are still insisting that eventually Zayn Malik will come back to One Direction — begging for mercy. Billboard Magazine officially marked the first 100 days of Zayn Malik post-1D in a neutral way with a long list of turning points over the past three months.

However, other publications covering Zayn Malik’s first 100 days after quitting One Direction are more ominous. For instance, one of the biggest objectors to Zayn Malik’s continued efforts to stay away from One Direction is a former boy band singer.

Ronan Keating stated to the Irish Independent on July 2 the following about his own experiences with quitting a boy band — and regretting it.

“I felt like that too – I had to get out, but I don’t think he should have left. I think he should have taken a break instead…. He’s a young lad, and I think he will regret it.”

Regardless, it is more likely that Zayn Malik will continue recording music, changing his hair style every couple of weeks, and hanging out with music industry giants.

Although his fashion and modeling career may take a while to take off, Zayn Malik fans will definitely hear about major accomplishments in his solo career in the near future.

If rumors from International Business Times are correct, Zayn Malik has a business meeting with 50 Cent around July 4 that is likely to be his most significant post-1D solo career turning point.

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