New AT&T service good for kids not so good for husbands

Sunshine over at Liveside has news of a new service from AT&T called FamilyMap that aims to help parents keep track of their kids in real time, as long as they have a cellphone that is. The only phone service that doesn't support FamilyMap is the PrePaid or Go services.

The idea behind FamilyMap is that once you log onto the service's web site, using a PC or mobile device, you will be able to see your child's whereabouts via a Microsoft Virtual Earth map. As well there is a Bird's Eye view the location of where your child is. Additionally you can sign up for alerts at specific times to let you know where your child is.

The service is free for the first 30 days but after that you can look to fork over $14.99 a month to keep using it. You can also locate up to 5 family members which could make for some rather interesting dinner time discussions.

"So honey where were you today at 5:46 PM? – and don't lie to me because I know where you were!"

picture courtesy of Liveside

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