Rosie Perez To Be Cut From ‘The View’ Because She Couldn’t Handle Hot Topics – Platform May Switch Back To Celebrity Fluff

Rosie Perez may be cut loose from The View. Apparently ABC has been mulling the idea to cut Rosie from the show for quite some time and may have finally decided to not just let her go, but even ask her co-host Nicolle Wallace to step down.

While nothing has been made official yet, there have been rumors of increasing intensity that The View is being readied for a reboot, and the producers don’t see either Rosie Perez or Nicolle Wallace as part of the new iteration, reported Yahoo. Though they might never admit this openly, industry insiders speculate network executives aren’t quite happy about the way the duo handles “Hot Topics,” a segment in which The View attempts to discuss current geo-political issues and socially hot topics.

Despite the claims, it’s an open secret that The View isn’t doing well. Ever since the show lost Barbara Walters back in May 2014, the ratings have crashed. The View once commanded a viewership of 2.84 million. There are only a handful of other shows that attract such impressive numbers. However, since the departure of Walters, the morning program brings in about 386,000 women viewers in the key 18-49 demographics.

As the producers and executives struggle to conjure up something that can bring in new viewers or at least hold on to the regulars, they are willing to experiment with the show’s format. In the process, they are not just willing to cut Rosie Perez, but may also bring in more than two hosts. Two new hosts who have nearly been confirmed are old-time The View veteran Whoopi Goldberg and new hire Raven-Symone.

ABC may also be looking at a format that involves “a bench of six to eight rotating co-hosts, who will continually switch in and out of the last remaining slots.” If rumors are any indication, stylist Stacy London, model Molly Sims, Glee‘s Naya Rivera, and Orange is the New Black‘s Laverne Cox are also being considered. Most of these ladies appeared on The View before and are said to have been appreciated by the producers.

It is quite easy to note that the reboot of The View will see new blood as it seeks to lure a more youthful demographic. Moreover, it seems “Hot Topics” will be dropped as The View returns to do what it does best: lighthearted celebrity fluff.

The View was once a must-watch show for women across the globe, but in a desperate attempt to bring back the glory, Rosie Perez and Nicolle Wallace may have to be cut loose.

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