And The ‘Rear Of The Year’ Award Goes To .. Harry Potter?

Strange but true, it turns out the best and most rounded male rear belongs to the Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe, while Jamie Dornan came second? Invented by a former comedy script writer who obviously enjoys a good rounded bottom, the “Rear of the Year” award for 2015 has just been announced.

You might not have heard of this prestigious award before, but it is most definitely a “thing.” The idea was thought up by Tony Edwards, who the “Rear of the Year” official website quotes as being a “former comedy script writer, part-time novelist and long-term publicity consultant.”

Working in the fashion world, he noted how the fashionable shape of a woman influenced the style trends over the years and decided that the “fashionable rear” was worthy of an award. Thus the “Rear of the Year” competition was born and apparently the actress Barbara Windsor was the very first winner.

As things progressed and, of course, to keep matters fair, the male version of the “Rear of the Year” was introduced, and this year it goes to Daniel Radcliffe, 25, Harry Potter star, who will be be awarded the title and a beautiful crystal trophy to boot.

The former apprentice wizard beat out some hefty competition, with Jamie Dornan of Fifty Shades of Grey fame coming second, British tennis player Andy Murray in third place, actor Idris Elba in fourth position and Oscar-winning actor Eddie Redmayne coming in fifth.

Not everyone agreed with the winning choice however.

And others were understandably speechless that Jamie Dornan came in second.

Of course, as noted on Pink News, Radcliffe is not only famous for the Harry Potter series of movies and it was probably his starring role in the thriller Horns that brought him the title, as he appeared naked in that film.

He also showed off his body in the role of Alan Strang in the stage show Equus, so it’s safe to say a number of the 10,000 voters on the “Rear of the Year” website had actually seen his, well, shapely form in all its glory.

Not to forget the ladies, a British soap star Kym Marsh won the number one position in the female category, for which she was very appreciative and thanked everyone who voted.

“I’d like to thank everyone from the heart of my bottom for voting for me. It’s totally unexpected but greatly appreciated.”

“I’m very flattered to receive this award, it looks like all those extra gym sessions have paid off.”

Marsh beat out actress and former Coronation Street co-star Michelle Keegan as well as a former “Rear of the Year” winner, Carol Vorderman, who was followed by Amanda Holden and Carey Mulligan.

Ladies, however, might be far more interested in now trying to see the rear end of Daniel Radcliffe, male “Rear of the Year” for 2015 to find out what all the fuss is about. The Telegraph has a series of photos of all the winning rumps on their website.

Meanwhile Daniel Radcliffe is being called a “Hogwarts hottie” in other news too along with Neville Longbottom, former Harry Potter star who took off most of his clothes for Attitude magazine recently, as reported here on the Inquisitr.

[Image: CC BY-NC 2.0 freshwater2006]