Becky Wegner Rommel: Woman Melts Down Over Gay Marriage, Backlash Drives Her Off Internet

Becky Wegner Rommel is a 64-year-old Indiana housewife and self-proclaimed Christian who just can’t deal with the Supreme Court decision to legalize gay marriage handed down June 26.

After the news broke, she took time out from cleaning to address the issue in an emotional video that has since been picked up by various media outlets, most of which poked fun at her.

Unfortunately for Rommel, there haven’t been many conservative sites jumping to her aid either, and that has left her largely a laughingstock, to the point that she appears to have decided to disconnect from the World Wide Web altogether.

Queerty, the website that first made an almost-household name out of Becky Wegner Rommel, did a little following up and found that “Mrs. Rommel’s Facebook page (along with the fascinating video, unfortunately) has been deleted.”

“And it appears she’s begun scrubbing the internet of her existence,” the site adds, before launching into a 10 Things-type listicle detailing “what we know” about her from her Instagram, which has since been removed as well.

But while Rommel has done a good job removing most traces of her online identity from public view, a new Facebook page has preserved her presence for all to see.

On the page, she is listed as a public figure, “Comedian,” and the video can be found there. It links back to YouTube user Jake R. Here’s what has same-sex marriage supporters buzzing.

One of the most quoted parts of the video — just in case you can’t handle the whole thing — is this.

“Jesus Christ, not Muhammad, okay?! It’s just, like, these Islamic extremelists, extremists, okay? They’re not just extremists. They’re Islaaaaamic! President Obama. Islaaaaamic! Extremist!”

The Facebook page now “honoring” Rommel is pretty much a cyber dartboard where same-sex marriage supporters have gathered to take a shot at her.

On the bio, the administrator has labeled her as a “Crazy Tammy Fae Baker wannabe,” marking the description as “Fear of Islamic Extremlists” and “awarding” her with the unflattering “D****e canoe of the week.”

Commenters have likewise taken a few shots.

“Girl that dye job and all that makeup is a sin. May you be cast into the fire. Not because it’s not my place to tell YOU how to live. So may this false God whom you obviously pretend to have a relationship with alter your evil ways.”

“Dearest Beck boo… I hope your hate eats you from the inside out. And besides, you’re old and your life expectancy is not much longer given your advanced age so, may your bigotry die with you and those of your irrelevant generation.”

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[Image of Becky Wegner Rommel via Mock Facebook Page, linked above]