Hustler Club Strip Truck Angers San Francisco Neighborhood

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club in San Francisco has really outdid itself this time with its custom made Strip Truck. The Hustler Club Strip Truck an oversized truck with glass walls, a stripper pole and scantily-clad dancers inside. The outside of the Strip Truck is covered with pictures of scantily clad women.

On weekend nights the Strip Truck cruises through the city’s party neighborhoods, but that isn’t what is angering residents. It is when the truck is parked during the day that is getting everyone angry.

According to City Supervisor Eric Mar, the driver has been taking the truck home and parking it in residential neighborhoods, sparking angry complaints from neighbors.

Mar told CBS News,

“It’s right by the Anza Branch Library and half a block from an elementary school. Mostly [those complaining] they’re women. Parents. There’s a general feeling from people that these kind of vehicles, with large photographs of scantily clad women, should not be there.”

Mar has not been able to do much about the Strip Truck. He had the truck towed once for expired tags but it was back on the street after a short period of time.

Mar had been planning to enforce a law in San Francisco that bans advertising on moving vehicles but Larry Flynt has made it a moot point.

Mar approached the manager of the club with his complaints and warnings but he had been assured that the truck had already made its way back to Las Vegas.

Mar said,

“If I had to do legislation, I would have. But working with the police and residents has successfully resolved this issue.”