Paranormal Investigators Searching For Ghosts At Abandoned Hospital Find Woman’s Dead Body Instead

A team of paranormal investigators went in search of ghosts last Sunday at an abandoned hospital in Vicksburg, Mississippi, but instead found the body of an elderly woman who was reported missing earlier that day, USA Today reports.

After discovering the lifeless body of 69-year-old Sharon Wilson – last seen at approximately 9 p.m. the previous day – at Kuhn Memorial State Hospital on Sunday, the ghost hunters rushed to the sheriff’s office and reported the dead body.

The group informed police that the body was located outside of the hospital near a trail of blood, which led investigators to believe that she was once inside of the hospital, but had been dragged out.

“You could tell where they had dragged someone down from the second floor in the middle of the building, to a grassy area on the left side of the hospital,” said David Childers who is the co-founder of the Mississippi Paranormal Research Institute. “On the steps, that’s where most of the blood was, and it looked like they dragged her all the way to the grassy area.”

The elderly woman’s body was later recovered, and although an autopsy report is impending, a Vicksburg medical examiner concluded that a blow to the head is what ultimately led to Wilson’s demise, according to CBS News.

Two men – Akeem McCloud, 20, and Rafael McCloud, 33 – were taken into custody after being stopped by an officer in Wilson’s stolen car, but the duo have not been charged with any crimes as of yet. However, while in custody, the men admitted to robbing the elderly woman before placing her dead body on the side of the road.

“Raphael has admitted to some involvement,” Police Chief Walter Armstrong. “We don’t know if the accomplice was with him at the time. We do know that Raphael definitely had been at her home.”

“He’ll be facing charges related not just to her murder, but also leading up that. He took her from her home and there are charges related to that.”

“Kuhn Hospital has a lot of places inside and out that would be an ideal spot to place a body. In my opinion they should tear it down. It’s condemned and is open for things like this to happen,” Childers said.

“It’s an unsafe environment, there are open elevator shafts, black mold, asbestos, and debris, and people ought to stay away from that place.

“Some spirits just need to be left alone.”

The investigation is ongoing.

[Image courtesy of J,D Pooley / Getty Images]