New York Knicks Rumors: Center Robin Lopez Agrees To Contract With Knicks

New York Knicks rumors have the team signing Robin Lopez as a free agent. Lopez could be the Knicks’ starting center for the 2015-16 NBA season, giving president Phil Jackson someone to help run the triangle offense. A report from CBS Sports early Friday (July 3) indicates that Lopez has committed to the Knicks, but it doesn’t yet clarify how many years he will get in his contract. Lopez played for the Portland Trail Blazers last season, holding down the low post while LaMarcus Aldridge played power forward. Now he becomes the latest player to take part in the Portland exodus.

There is another interesting report from NBA analyst Marc Stein to go along with this one. Stein reports that Lopez will only be signing with the Knicks if DeAndre Jordan decides not to. It’s certainly a big wrinkle in these New York Knicks rumors, primarily because Lopez has committed to the team without knowing if they really want him. The Knicks have wined and dined Jordan in an attempt to lure him to New York, but there are a number of other options that Jordan could go with. If Jordan signs with the Lakers, then Lopez becomes the starting center in New York.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kobe Bryant is pushing hard for the LA Lakers to sign DeAndre Jordan. He even reached out to Jordan in the same fashion he did with LaMarcus Aldridge. There is a possibility that all three could play for the Lakers in the 2015-16 NBA season, but it could be a very expensive endeavor for the franchise.

The Knicks have also courted Aldridge and Jordan in an effort to find someone to play with Carmelo Anthony. Jordan was given the promise of becoming a second-option on offense, while Aldridge was told by Phil Jackson he would be used as a center. That caused Aldridge to balk and look to other cities in free agency.

It looks like the Knicks have a center no matter which way these negotiations are heading. If it turns out to be Robin Lopez, it could be very interesting to see what the front office was willing to pay him. It must be a lot of money for Lopez to be fine with not knowing whether the team would actually want him in a few days.

These New York Knicks rumors should play out over the next few days, with fans kept in the lurch about which way the free agents are going to turn. Either way, the Knicks will have a better center than they did during the last NBA season.

[Image Source: Rob Carr/Getty Images]