Britney Spears Back In Recording Studio After Four Unsuccessful Singles: No More Iggy Azalea

Britney Spears has failed to score anything that resembles a hit with her latest four singles “Ooh La La,” “Work B***h,” “Perfume,” and “Pretty Girls.” However, Spears isn’t going to stop trying. Idolator broke the news this afternoon.

“Britney Spears is back in the studio! The pop icon had a writing session with a trio of hitmakers today (July 2) — putting those rumors about her ninth LP being shelved to rest.”

Idolator notes that Britney teamed up with producer Ian Kirkpatick (known for his work with Jason Derulo), Chantal Kreviazuk (Gwen Stefani), and Simon Wilcox (Nick Jonas). It looks like Britney is leaving Iggy Azalea behind. Speaking of the Australian rapper, the Guardian recently reported that both singers clashed over the flop known as “Pretty Girls.” They quoted Iggy Azalea on why it wasn’t a hit.

“It’s difficult to send a song up the charts without addition promo and TV performances etc. Unfortunately I’m just featured…My comment is factual, it applies to any song. I don’t have to suck the woman’s a*****e 24/7 to be her friend, do I? Bye girls.”

The Guardian then quoted Britney Spears’ response.

“Can’t wait to get back to Vegas. So thankful I have shows for the rest of the year to look forward to,” Britney wrote, possibly referring to the fact Iggy Azalea had to cancel her tour due to poor ticket sales.

One day later, Iggy came back and condemned the “sexist” media for creating a feud. Entertainment Weekly broke the story and quoted Ms. Azalea.

“I am honestly not surprised but still really saddened that the media is trying to create a ‘beef’ between @britneyspears and myself…I feel like the media wants women in music to get out and mud wrestle each other. As a woman I take great offense.”

While Britney Spears hasn’t exactly sold a lot of records lately, she is certainly having a better year than Iggy Azalea, whose career is crashing down at high speed. There were the charges of cultural appropriation, of course, followed by poor ticket sales. Then Iggy Azalea had to cancel her appearance at Pittsburgh’s gay pride festivities because old homophobic tweets came back to haunt her. Iggy apologized to the gay fans she had let down.

Iggy could learn from Britney Spears. Remember when Spears had a huge breakdown in 2007-2008? She hit the lowest of low points, but climbed right back up around the time the album Circus was released towards the end of 2008. She followed that with a successful tour. Let’s hope Iggy Azalea can experience the same comeback Britney Spears did.

[Photo Credit: Idolator]