Joe Rogan Hammers ‘Toxic Lefties’ For Getting ‘Dukes Of Hazzard’ Booted

Joe Rogan, the TV personality, comedian, and UFC commentator, has made his thoughts known on the TV Land decision to remove Dukes of Hazzard from its lineup, and he’s not happy.

The cable channel made the decision after the Charleston, South Carolina, shootings in which gunman Dylann Roof confessed to walking into a black church and killing nine of its members.

Because of Roof’s affinity for the Confederate flag (and his posing with of same), there has been an increased effort to remove materials depicting the Confederate flag from television, retail stores, and other channels.

As such, it was only a matter of time before the Duke boys became a target. Their iconic car had a Confederate flag on the roof, and it appeared any time an episode of their popular kids’ show aired.

TV Land’s decision to take Dukes of Hazzard off the air for good riled Joe Rogan, who blamed “toxic lefties” in this epic Facebook rant from July 1.

“Say goodbye to The General Lee. Today TV Land announced that they’re pulling the Dukes Of Hazzard off the air because of the confederate flag. In a tireless effort to turn our beloved country into a nation of weepy, sandy v*g**as they’ve shoved a politically correct boot into the memories of my childhood.

“The Dukes Of Hazzard was about a lot more than just that s****y paint job on one of the most beautiful muscle cars the good lord ever inspired man to create, it was about tradition. That show started the tradition of the most iconic piece of clothing our nation ever produced; The Daisy Duke shorts. Those shorts were the real flag — a flag of identification and empowerment for gay men and sluts all over the world. Before The Dukes there really wasn’t any one piece of clothing that let the world know that you’re hungry for d***. Congratulations, to the toxic lefties all over this increasingly nerfed world — today victory is yours.”

Joe Rogan didn’t stop there either. In another post dated July 2, he posted an image of the pirate flag (aka Jolly Roger) with another attempt to troll the “toxic lefties.”

“Serious question — how come this flag is ok? Back in the day if you saw this flag on a boat headed towards your village you knew rapists, murderers and thieves were headed your way. Now it adorns the yoga pants of soccer moms and they sell it on merchandise at the Disney store. How long before toxic lefties wake up and realize that they’ve missed out on the opportunity to be outraged at the Jolly Roger?”

Rogan also kicked up some dust over the TV Land decision on his Twitter as seen here.

Do you think Joe Rogan is out of line with his support of the Confederate flag, or is this simple free speech? Sound off in the comments section.

[Image of General Lee car via Joe Rogan Facebook page, linked above]