Watch Dog Attack Baby’s Head In Horrifying Video: Is Animal Too Dangerous To Live?

A dog attack caught on video could be one of the most horrifying things that I’ve seen in quite some time, especially as a parent and animal lover.

See if you agree.

The footage, originally uploaded to LiveLeak, has elicited a large share of comments, and that doesn’t even count what has turned up since the video made its appearance on YouTube.

Even at just 41-seconds in length and full disclosure as to what’s coming, I still found myself jumping out of my seat when this dog finally has enough of the infant’s presence.

Just to prep you for it, the dog attack occurs at around the 17- or 18-second mark.

Here you go.

Most of the people who viewed the video clearly held the parent of the child responsible for allowing it to be that near a vicious animal.

There was a huge display of sympathy for the canine because most people figured that the dog attack probably got him euthanized.

“Someone, please rescue that dog at once!” wrote one commenter.

“Kind of obvious the dog wasn’t digging it,” wrote a second.

“Exactly, the dog’s body language clearly said f*** off kid but the idiot mother let the dog continued [sic] to be pestered.”

Other commenters had little sympathy for whatever might happen next to the animal. Answering the commenter, who asked for someone to “rescue” the animal, one responded with this.

“A.22 to the head of the dog is how I would rescue it.”

There was also a commenter who thought the dog needed “to be put down. Period. And the parents too.”

Unfortunately, some of the less-evolved commenters even blamed the child for pulling on the dog’s leg and fur. For these people, many commenters were hoping they didn’t have children.

“This baby isn’t even able to pull himself up yet,” answered a more sensible commenter. “I doubt he has any sense of danger. It was the parent’s job to keep him safe from the animal, and no, a dog like this should not be allowed to live.”

While the video is no doubt terrifying, what do you think about the question that is being raised in the discussion? Should this dog attack get the animal put down or perhaps relocated to another home away from children? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Image from dog attack video via YouTube screen grab]