Record Yellowfin Tuna Disqualified Over A Technicality

Sorry son, you are going to have to keep chasing that record. A record 427 pound yellowfin tuna was nabbed off the coast of Mexico. Unfortunately, the record was set aside because a deckhand touched the pole as the record breaking fish was hauled in.

Robert Pedigo locked into the 427.9-pound fish last Thursday and spent more than half an hour fighting it until he got it onto the boat, “Journeyman.” The only snafu? Danny Osuna, a local captain working that day as a deckhand, touched the pole Pedigo was using to reel in the fish. The rules say an angler can’t have any help pulling in a fish if he or she wants to make history.

Osuna told,

“I do this for a living and we’re really hardcore fishermen. We have caught a lot of fish in the high 300s, but this is the first time we’ve caught something like this.”

Osuna admitted that he touched the rod, robbing Pedigo of the record from the International Game Fish Association. He also said Pedigo is not to busted up over the loss.

Osuna said,

“We’re fine with that. Actually, we never even thought the fish would be that big.”

Osuna said Pedigo gave everyone on board a massive meal before he gave the rest of the fish away.

“We never sold the fish,” he said.

There are times where a simple technicality can have dramatic consequences and this was one of them. IGFA officials confirmed that the pole touch indeed disqualifies the catch.

“I do this for a living and we’re really hardcore fishermen.”