What Happened To Ember Graham? California Infant Missing Under Suspicious Circumstances

Chelsea Hoffman

Authorities in Shasta County, California, are looking for Ember Graham. The six-month-old infant vanished before 5:00 a.m. this morning, when her father reportedly woke to find her missing. The Record Searchlight reports that police consider her disappearance suspicious, and that's because of the circumstances surrounding her case. Just what happened to this little girl, and who is truly responsible for her disappearance?

Action News Now reports that the six-month-old baby girl was last seen by her father the night before he reported her missing. He reportedly saw her in her crib at around 11:00 p.m., Wednesday night. Matthew Graham also told authorities that the front door to his residence was found open as well. These are all very suspicious circumstances, and authorities in Shasta County have publicly acknowledged this. Ember Graham was presumably taken from her crib while her loved ones slept.

It's also been reported that the missing baby's father has been arrested, but on an unrelated issue. He was reportedly taken in on a violation of probation stemming from another incident pertaining to prescription medication use. Authorities have not declared whether or not they believe the father's story, but they are publicly calling the child's disappearance suspicious.

Shasta County Secret Witness has posted a reward in the amount of $10,000 for anybody who has information that leads to the resolution of this case. KRCR News 7 reports that authorities are still searching for the baby while her father sits in the Shasta County Jail. The same news report confirms that authorities have not cleared either the child's mother or father as suspects in her disappearance. This is the first time police have confirmed that the suspicious circumstances in the case may or may not be pertaining to the stories told by the parents.

This case shares immediate similarities with two other missing children. Missing baby Lisa Irwin was reported missing by her parents, who claimed in 2011 that someone snatched the tot from her crib while the mother slept. However, Deborah Bradley became the immediate focus of scrutiny when she claimed to fail a polygraph, and when she admitted to lying about being "black-out" intoxicated the night baby Lisa vanished. A few months later a baby named Ayla Reynolds was reported missing by her father Justin DiPietro, who claimed that someone abducted her in the middle of the night while the family slept. Authorities in Maine have long acknowledged that DiPietro and his family have withheld information and have misled them. However, no arrests have ever been made. Furthermore, missing babies Lisa Irwin and Ayla Reynolds have never been found.

Both parents have been questioned in the disappearance of Ember Graham. Jamie Lee Graham has not been pictured or interviewed in the media, but a mugshot of her father Matthew Graham is being shared in the media amid reports that either or both parents could be suspects in her disappearance.

If you know anything about Ember Graham's disappearance, or if you think you may have sighted her or anything of value to authorities, please do not hesitate to call the Shasta County Sheriff's Office at (530) 245-6135. You can also call 911 if the information is in relation to an emergency.

Photo: Courtesy of Shasta County Sheriff