‘Nashville’ Season 4 Spoilers: What Is Next For Will Lexington?

At the end of Nashville Season 3, Will decided to make a grand gesture for his new love that involved his outing himself as a gay man to the media. That big reveal will have an impact on his life, and it may not be an easy coming-out process, according to the latest spoilers from TV Line.

The news outlet shared the latest on Will, who is played by Chris Carmack, on Wednesday, and he will have a hard time. He will have some help come to his aid though.

“#LoveWINS — but Will may not when Luke hires a no-BS elite media consultant named Gabriella to handle the fallout from Mr. Lexington’s very public coming-out. Though Gabriella herself (and an increasingly accepting Luke) are cool with Will’s sexuality, she serves as a giant reality check: Country-music fans may not support Will now that they know he’s gay.”

A previous Nashville spoiler released by TV Line did reveal some more about Will’s current love interest. The character has not been upgraded to a regular cast member for Season 4, but he is not going anywhere anytime soon. The Nashville store has already added merchandise to celebrate Will’s relationship.

As for Rayna, fans are still waiting to find out what happened to Deacon on the operating table at the end of the finale, but Rayna will have another man to deal with when Nashville Season 4 begins. She will sign a new male singer to Highway 65, and he will give her some trouble.

“The show is casting Markus Kane, a globally successful, late-20s to 40-something artist who’s looking for a new label to represent him as a solo act. Though every label courts him, Rayna’s Highway 65 is the one that’ll eventually win him over with talk of stripping away all the noise and getting to the essence of his soulful musical truth. Things are great… until Markus realizes how much Rayna’s fledgling company needs his solo album to be a hit. That’s when his controlling, narcissistic side comes out, and he’ll test his boss’ boundaries throughout the writing, recording and release of his first solo album.”

Nashville has won the hearts of television viewers on ABC. After a rocky first season with low ratings, the series has managed to grow in popularity. It is a series that has the country music scene willing to lend a hand with cameos, and Christina Aguilera even decided to join the series for a few episodes during Season 3.

Fans will need to wait until the show returns to ABC this fall to find out what happens next on Nashville.

[Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]