Apple Music Launch Event: A Look Inside

Your move, Taylor Swift. Apple has shown they can roll with the best of them by recruiting an all-star team themselves. The company, which recently launched the streaming service Apple Music, pulled some big-name musicians together to promote their brand. The Apple Music launch event on June 30 included rapper Eminem, pop sensation Justin Timberlake, and singer/songwriter Pharell Williams, as E! Online mentioned.

Despite the all-star ensemble, the Apple Music launch hit a few road bumps along the way, including, but not limited to verbal attacks from Taylor Swift. Swift became upset when she learned that Apple was not paying musicians for songs streamed during a three-month free trial of Apple Music. However, it seems Apple was able to calm Swift's fears.As Dailytech noted, Apple Music users can upload up to 25,000 songs to iCloud and get a "matched" copy of the song in the cloud, allowing them to play it when and where they want. This may be a shot at Amazon Music, which co-operates with Apple's mortal enemy Google to let Android users view their device's music alongside the songs they have in their Amazon cloud.

Apple Music Launch Event: A Look Inside
A screenshot of songs playing on Iphone and PC at the same time. [Image Credit:]As outstanding as the launch of Apple Music may be, the fact still remains that certain songs will be exclusively available on Tidal Music. The host of powerful players behind Tidal range from Madonna to Nicki Minaj and Jay-Z to Beyonce, and many of those founders are intent on keeping their work exclusive to Tidal.So, what's Apple's game plan to overcome this limitation? According to Inquisitr, the big wigs at Apple may be trying to coerce Tidal's investors to switch to Apple Music. Despite this move, which doesn't bode well for artists who want to be in control of their work, Apple is painting itself as a friend to artists both indie and mainstream. It also reneged on its failure to pay artists whose songs were streamed during the three-month free trial period.
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