Rihanna’s New Video Receives Universal Praise: Move Over Madonna And Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and Madonna may have released completely hyped videos recently, but it’s Rihanna‘s new video for “B**ch Better Have My Money” that is receiving all the praise. Peter Vincent from the Sydney Morning Herald is one of the critics who is giving Rihanna’s latest a big thumbs up.

“Every frame is a reminder of how damn cool Rihanna is (Madonna take note, this is how you do it in 2015). Every shot looks worthy of a spread in some so-hip-it-hurts French fashion magazine.”

Idolator believes the “B**ch Better Have My Money” video could reverse the disappointing sales of Rihanna’s recent era.

“Rihanna’s #R8 era has been a little shaky as of late, but the popstress is turning that all around with full speed — thanks to her no-phucks-given (and totally badass) ‘B**ch Better Have My Money’ video.”

The review goes on to note that the video, which is very violent, shows Rihanna at her most “gangster.”

Rebecca Nicholson of the Guardian thinks the video is a lot of fun.

“But this video is more a cartoon than a work that deserves weighty analysis. Over seven minutes of neon, sun-soaked, graphic-novel violence, Rihanna plays out the story of the song with a near-literal interpretation of the lyrics.”

Nicholson goes on to note that even though the video is gruesome, it is also quite daft. She believes it signals the return of the music video as an event.

Twitter was filled with mostly praise for Rihanna’s new video.



The great reception for the video has helped “B***ch Better Have My Money” return to the top 40 on iTunes. The song stays at No. 28 for the second week in a row on Billboard‘s Hot 100. Some people consider Rihanna’s latest hit a commercial disappointment, especially since its highest peak position is at No. 17. This would be good for anybody else, but not good for Rihanna, who has been used to most of her songs hitting the top five over the past ten years.

Rihanna is certainly hoping her new video helps people forget about “American Oxygen,” a song that barely charted on the Hot 100 and a video that was highly criticized for debuting on Jay-Z’s failing Tidal service. In fact, many people believed that the reason Rihanna’s song flopped so badly was because it debuted on Tidal.

According to the Inquisitr, Rihanna is going to concentrate on fashion more than her upcoming album R8. But that may change with the release of the new video. What do you think of Rihanna’s “B***ch Better Have My Money” video? Let us know in the comments section.

[Photo Credit: YouTube]