Walmart Georgia Rampage By Teens Caught On Video: 17-Year-Old Leader Returns To Walmart For Cell Phone, Gets Arrested [Watch Footage]

Paula Mooney

The below footage of about 50 teens going crazy in a Georgia Walmart has hit the web, and now folks get to see the melee for themselves. The more than 6-minute long version of the video from LiveLeak showing the Walmart damage has gained more than 1,600 views on YouTube in 12 hours. A similar video of the Walmart damage by the crowd of teens on the YouTube channel of Josh Bo, posted 13 hours ago, has swelled to more than 6,509 views.

It's within the first minute of the video whereby the teens in Macon, Georgia, can be seen streaming into a Walmart. A Caucasian man stands by and watches the crowd of black teens continually entering the Walmart. Something seems to alarm the teens, and they take off running -- but not before performing maneuvers that leave lots of debris on the Walmart floor. That's when Walmart employees of all races -- black and white -- begin to asses the damage and walk around their Walmart store seemingly stunned.

A local authority who watched store video of the Walmart rampage said the footage also displayed the crowd yanking a man from an electric wheelchair -- however, the LiveLeak version of the teens ransacking a Georgia Walmart that was posted on the LiveLeak Channel doesn't seem to show that footage. Instead, it appears as if one of the teens commandeers a wheelchair in Walmart before abandoning the electric wheelchair as they all run out of Walmart.

The Walmart crowd was reportedly guided into their mischief by a teenage boy -- 17-year-old Kharron Nathan Green -- using gang signs, reports Yahoo. The Walmart rampage happened early Sunday around 2 a.m., and now cops are trying to find the 50 teenagers who went on the ransacking Walmart spree. The group had left a party prior to going into the Walmart store.

Green was arrested when he returned to Walmart to retrieve his lost cell phone. He's been charged with inciting a riot -- plus second-degree criminal damage to Walmart. As reported by the Inquisitr, the Walmart teens were trying to see how much damage they could inflict, apparently in a short time frame. A Walmart manager told police the damage inflicted by the teens rang in at $2,000 or more.

Lieutenant Sean DeFoe of the Bibb County Sheriff's office was amazed at the brazenness of the Walmart rampage teens.

"Out of all my years of law enforcement, I've never seen anything happen like this."