Donald Trump Desperate Attacks: Pataki’s Open Letter Spurs Trump Twitter Fury

In the wake of Donald Trump’s outrageous remarks regarding Mexican immigrants, former New York governor George Pataki has released an open letter to all Republican presidential candidates urging them to condemn Trump and “denounce his comments today.” The unforgivable comments have turned Trump’s life upside-down as studios and business partners alike take a stand against the racial prejudice expressed, with Donald finding himself forcefully disconnected from several partners, including Macy’s and NBC.

The heartfelt open letter from Pataki outlined the comments made by Trump to be “unacceptable” and anti-American. Pataki likened Trump’s comments to those surrounding Irish and Italian immigrants 100 years ago, stating ” the language used by Donald Trump to describe Mexicans has left me and a lot of other sensible people wondering what century we are living in” as he implored the 14 declared or expected to declare Republican candidates to take a clear stand against the racially prejudice remarks.

“As Donald Trump doubles down, I’m asking you to join me in standing up. Stand up for our party, for the ideals that made America great, and stand for the basic decency and integrity entitled to every American, no matter their heritage or nationality. Join me. Stand up now. Denounce his comments today.”

While the letter was sent to all of the presidential candidates concerned, Pataki made sure to CC Trump, spurring wild fury as Donald lashed out against the denouncement via twitter. The tweets targeted the former New York governor, stating Pataki “couldn’t be elected dog catcher if he ran”.

To further the aggressive tweets following up Pataki’s open letter, Trump furthered his campaign of attacks by targeting Macy’s as he garnered accusations of racial profiling within the company, stating the company had recently paid $650,000 in fines for discrimination.

Despite the backlash surrounding his controversial comments, Donald Trump is currently enjoying a surge in polling figures as support for his presidential campaign increases across the country. In an attempt to clear up accusations of racism, Trump expressly states that the comments targeted illegal immigration and its impact on the U.S. economy rather than Mexican people themselves.

“I love Mexican people. I have a tremendous relationship. I also respect Mexico, but Mexico is doing a tremendous number against the United States,” Trump explained, now putting his strict border control policies front and center of his electoral campaign.

A recent Fox News national primary poll, conducted June 21 – 23, placed Trump as the second favorite runner for the Republican party with 11 percent, behind only Jeb Bush leading with 15 percent.

[Image credit: Chicago Tribune via Getty Images]